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Pixilang Programming Langauge (makers of SunVox)

torch Page Icon Posted 2022-11-20 4:34 AM
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What is Pixilang

Pixilang is a pixel-oriented programming language for small graphics/sound applications and experiments. Originally created by Alexander Zolotov (NightRadio) and Mik Razuvaev (Goglus) for non-programmers and artists. It is cross-platform and open source (MIT).

Pixilang programs are stored in text files (UTF-8 encoding) with extensions .txt or .pixi. So you can use your favorite text editor to create/edit these files. Pixilang has no built-in editor.

Key features:

universal containers (pixi-container) for any type of data;
dynamically typed variables (for integer or floating point numbers);
functions for sound synthesis and recording;
functions for block data processing;
supported file formats (load/save): WAV, PNG, JPEG, GIF (animated);
supported systems:
Windows (2000+);
macOS (10.9+);
Linux (x86, x86_64, ARM (Raspberry Pi, PocketCHIP, etc.), ARM64 (PINE64, etc.));
iOS (9.0+) - sources only;
Android (4.1+);
Windows CE (including Pocket PC and Windows Mobile; ARM only);
supported sound systems: ASIO, DirectSound, MME, ALSA, OSS, JACK;
native code (external dynamic libraries) support;
OpenGL acceleration;
MIDI In/Out.

Not sure if this will work on HPC, but thought it was worth mentioning

Edited by torch 2022-11-20 4:34 AM
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