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HP 320, 340, 360 vs 620 & 660

torch Page Icon Posted 2023-02-16 6:00 PM
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United States 
So as a teenager on this forum, I had an HP 360LX .
I think I wanted to complete my H/PC collection with an SH3 device.
Anyway, I was debating between:
Greyscale : 320LX (with CE2.0) or 340LX or 360LX

Color: 620LX or 660LX

I don’t want multiple devices I just wanted one more.

I just wanted to see if anyone had experiences with them and had some ideas
For instance, with the 3xxLX series, I’ll be able to use AA batteries, but there seem to be screen issues with those models. Is it really that common?
On that note, I can’t find any reasonably priced 360LX except with some Portuguese language ROM.
And I don’t want Portuguese anyway. I’d be fine with Japanese, Chinese or Spanish though. But ideally English LOL

Or :
Go for the color series, have possibility of getting CE2.11, but deal with the annoying ness of getting battery packs re-celled.

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