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Adding SDHC support to ARM CPU GPS?

Galane Page Icon Posted 2023-09-26 10:14 PM
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I have a Rightway RW200 GPS running WinCE Core 5.0. It's made by Mesada and only supports SD cards up to 2 gig. Years ago while poking around with GPS Menu Pez I managed to wipe out the Co-Pilot software and maps it had in NAND Flash. I then figured out how to install iGO 8 and maps in it. Just updated it to the latest USA maps.

I'd like to put more maps on it with more features but that won't fit in the internal storage. Nor will it fit on a 2 gig SD card.

I have an old PC*Miler PCM430, also a Mesada made device of similar age and hardware but it supports SDHC so putting iGO Premium in NAND Flash with GPS Menu Pez, MIO Pocket, and the latest maps with all the addons onto a 16 gig card was no problem.

The Mio Pocket has an SDHC fix but MioAutoRun.exe won't launch on the RW200 when I set the Navigation icon to it. It just briefly shows the hourglass. Many other apps included with Mio Pocket will run that way will run that way.

I tried to make copies of the two DLLs for backup but it has copying from that area blocked somehow. It did allow me to copy the DLLs for SDHC to it and supposedly overwrite the originals but after restarting the unit it was back to how it was without SDHC support.

There has to be a way to write the WinCE OS files to it. A short time after I bought it, it quit working. Appeared to have some file corruption in the OS. Since it was under warranty I sent it to RightWay and I got the same one back in working order.

I'd also like to find where the media player and other apps are hidden. Even with it connected to my desktop and show all hidden and system files enabled, there's nothing visible except the WinCE stuff and what's in NAND Flash and the SD Card when it's in.
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