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HPC Sync w/Macs OSX - Update

ArchiMark Page Icon Posted 2005-08-19 12:44 AM
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H/PC Sensei

Silicon Valley
Just thought I'd give an update on syncing a HPC with a Mac. for fellow Macsters out there...

The PocketMac folks said that they'd consider HPC's maybe at a later date....not too encouraging...

Meanwhile, made some headway with the MarkSpace folks, they tweaked their new MissingSync for Windows Mobile to include the necessary info for Sig3 and SmartBook G138. Got it to connect with my Mac with OSX 10.3.9!

Only thing is that I can't actually sync with MS Entourage as plugins are meant to work with built-in MS PIM apps...since WinCE.net don't come with standard PIM apps the plugins try to sync but don't do anything. However, I was able to use app to copy over CAB files and explore folders on HPC from my Mac...

MarkSpace said to say that as of now the HPC's are NOT officially supported. They said that they don't know if they'd get around to adding sync capability with 3rd party PIM's such as POS....

So obviously, this is of limited value right now, but better than nothing....

I have found MarkSpace people to be very responsive though and willing to try this out for me. So I really thank them for that....

If you're interested in this, email them and let them know!


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