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SpikeC Page Icon Posted 2004-11-28 12:04 PM
re: Compac H3955
Dell D800 Win 2K Pro
Activesync 3.7.1

Recently I can not get a connection between my IPAQ and PC.
I get the message on the Activesync screen on the PC "No Partnerships"
I have looked through the help screens and can not find a "Create Partnership" screen. It says it should create a partnership during installation but when I reinstalled from the CD that came with my IPAQ it did not ask for this setup.

I do not want to connect the IPAQ to the internet.
All I want to do is sync my outlook between the IPAQ and the PC.

Any Ideas?

Lost in bitland

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sophisticatedleaf Page Icon Posted 2004-11-28 9:37 PM
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H/PC Elder

Sunny California
Unfortunately, I have had to deal with many problems like these. The solution may range from trying to connect it with a different usb port, trying another cable, hard-resetting the device, uninstalling activesync and installing it again (not just reinstalling), or formatting your hard drive and reinstalling Windows (I have done all of these to get devices like these working ) But I really have not heard of a usb device having problems connecting, only the older serial ones (ugh long nights) Is there anything that you installed recently that you think might have caused this? (Another reason for formatting)-Formatting and reinstalling Windows may fix other problems as well Yes I am crazy and do like to destroy Windows with good old-fashioned fdisk whenever it bothers me.

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