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Jornada 720:Problems with wireless access

nauman_416 Page Icon Posted 2005-09-27 8:05 PM
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I have installed a PCMCIA card (RoamAbout by Enterasys).

After finding the drivers for the CE 3.0 version of the Jornada and installing the latest activesync it seems that the card works. At least the lights on the card blink.
However, I do not get access to my ISP or any webpage. It seems that the Jornada only wants to use modem dial up for connections to the net.

Can anyone give me a tip what to do?

2.. how do i use Yahoo Messenger and MSN messenger on J720.
3>> my J720 has default factory setup, only Wifi card and Active synch 3.8 are the only thingsi installed.
are their updates needed in factory settings.i mainly want to use it to surf the web
pls name the updates and from where to install them

Best greetings
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cmonex Page Icon Posted 2005-09-27 8:17 PM
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H/PC Oracle

Budapest, Hungary
just disable autodial in pocket IE (in options).

if that doesn't work.. you sure you got your settings correct? list them here..

yahoo messenger will not work. have a search on msn messenger on this forum, and yahoo as well (a tip for yahoo: imov)
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