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No connection with a Cassiopeia under Win CRE 2.0

ChrisP Page Icon Posted 2004-12-01 5:56 AM
Hi everybody,

I recently bought a Casio Cassiopeia A20-F ( yes, yes, a vintage H/PC...), and tried to connect it to my desktop PC using COM port in that there's no other way to do it for my device....

But after many attempts, I still receive messages on the H/PC like "No connection. Winsock error 10054".

I've followed carefully the Microsoft solving page, especially the item about using Hyperterminal to find out hardware damages, but the device seems to work properly as I could etablish a terminal session between the desktop PC and the H/PC...So no hardware problem !

Is there something I did not noticed ??

My config :

Cassiopeia A-20F with Windows CE 2.0
8 Mo RAM
Windows XP SP1 with ActiveSync 3.7.1

Thank you for any advice !!!

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C:Amie Page Icon Posted 2004-12-01 9:05 AM
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H/PC Oracle

United Kingdom
There's always IrDA, but that's a moot point - same TCP stack.

Welcome to the H/PC world.

Firstly please Soft Reset your device - stylus nib in the reset button.

Ensure that the COM port speeds are set to 19,200.

Under Windows XP
start > run > devmgmt.msc
Expand the Ports section
Delete both COM ports from the list

Start > Control Panel > network Connections
If you have "Accept incoming connections" enabled, please delete the entries (unless they're VPN)

Reboot the computer - the com ports will be put back and the stack refreshed.

Please ensure that all firewall and Anti-virus applications are disabled from running on the system.

Close down any thing that can use the COM Ports - terminal applications, other PDA clients, GPS, Tablets etc.

Give the terminals on both ends of the Sync cable a clean, as well as the Port on the H/PC if you can.

If that doesn't work

If possible initiate a Hard Reset on the H/PC - http://www.hpcfactor.com/support/cesd/s/0034.asp

Fully uninstall all Windows CE applications that you may have installed on the PC and then uninstall ActiveSync. Reboot.
Delete the C:\program files\Microsoft activesync folder

Reinstall ActiveSync.
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