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Running WindowsCE 2.11 Apps on a 3.0 Device

BruceHungerford Page Icon Posted 2005-10-16 2:31 AM
I recently purchased a copy of Route Planner for North America on eBay. This was originally a Psion package to which the vendor (Palmtop, since purchased by TomTom) added a WindowsCE version. The software is SUPPOSED to run on 2.11 or higher but does not run on 3.0.

My primary handheld is a MobilePro "890", an 880 which has been upgraded with a 790 ROM. Having been burned with incompatible software in the past, I generally load new packages on my "test" machine, another 880 that has been upgraded and is loaded with a backup from my primary computer. When I loaded Route Planner on the test machine, I got a "3015" error (I have no idea what that means). After trying a few tricks, I replaced the 880 ROM in the test machine and reloaded Route Planner, which then ran fine. I get the same error when I try to run the software on my 790, but it runs fine when the 790 is configured as a 780.

I have too much HPC2000 software to revert to HPC Pro, but I would like to be able to use Route Planner on my pimary handheld. A quick Google search and scan of postings on the NEC Handheld Forum at PocketPC Magazine and here did not provide any suggestions other than to have copies of mfcce211.dll and olece211.dll on the 3.0 machine, which I already did.

Any suggestions as to what to try next would be greatly appreciated.


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torch Page Icon Posted 2005-10-16 2:43 AM
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In some cases, a CE 2.11 app will not work with a higher version, sometimes it is a hit and miss with apps and higher OS's, however this is not much my cup of tea...

Hope this kind of helps

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