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Netforce versus IE with registry tweak...please compare and contrast.

Macros746 Page Icon Posted 2005-11-08 6:10 PM
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Factorite (Junior)

Hello all,
I have a Jornada 720 and a 728. I'm just starting to push them to all of their boundaries and figure out what they are capable of. So, when I read on the board that Netforce was the best browser (so far) available, I immediately installed it on both machines. But the thing is, I don't really see it's advantages over PIE. I mean they both seem to have issues with many websites. I'm just not sure I'm seeing the advantage (or maybe I'm doing something wrong...do I need to install Java separately or something?). Netforce just seems much slower...and the advanced functions of Yahoo mail don't work on either of them. Break it down for me ladies and gentlemen....


p.s. Just saw a Toshiba libretto for sale at compusa for nearly $2000....it's keyboard was completely useless (way too small)....Long live Jornada!!!
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cmonex Page Icon Posted 2005-11-08 6:35 PM
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H/PC Oracle

Budapest, Hungary
both have their weaknesses, neither are perfect. but if you're using both, you can get much more pages rendered fine maybe as many as 90% of them...
the menu is slow on hpc2000, sorry, nothing can be done about that. on ce.net (or is that the xscale?) it is perfect. but there you have IE 5.5 or 6.0 anyway
loading speed? just dont wait until every image loads. then it will feel faster IMO
oh and this is sadly not the newest version of netfront
java: if you're using the demo, you can't have java. (and this is where NF really excels... oh and javascript but that should be enabled even in the demo)

btw, it is not netforce, it is netfront...

libretto, lol, smaller keys than on the jornadas? wow.
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