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What to do with .pvb files

Snappy! Page Icon Posted 2004-12-11 9:05 PM
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New Mexico, US
ok, silly question:

I downloaded some apps that are not exe but .pvb files. Am I right to presume that they are PocketVB apps that need PocketVB runtime dlls? If so, where can I get them runtimes?

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CompTech Page Icon Posted 2004-12-11 9:39 PM
One way would be to get the eMbedded Visual Tools IDE, install it on your desktop and then connect your device. Starting eVB and creating a connection to the device would download the files automatically. You would then have a complete VB runtime environment on your handheld.

Another way would be to send me an email, I might be nice enough to package everything in an install package for you. Unless someone else already has one they could provide you.
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