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Nydiot, HPC2000 and the Nokia D211 card

dgt123 Page Icon Posted 2004-09-22 12:32 PM
For a long time now my HPC2000 system has been stable. I have been using the Nokia D211 card to sync with my desktop with no problems at all. Until...

I installed the Nydiot program (http://www.nyditot.com) to try out a few resolution changes.

Since installing and uninstalling Nydiot:

1. I had problems restarting my machine when shortcut links were in the \Windows\Startup folder.
Solution: Use ActiveSync Restore - so that all registry settings were restored.
Now I can restart the machine and get it operational.

2. I have had problems with the Nokia D211 card. I can insert it, do network comms but when I take the card out and re-insert it again, the card is not recognised. I have to do a system re-start each time I want to use the card.

This (understandably) is unnacceptable. Being a software engineer, I know that the install script and the software engineer that setup the install script will know the specific actions that were involved in setting up the program on the device. Likewise, the software engineer should also know the actions that are needed to remove the software SAFELY. For example: Registry entries that were removed should either be replaced OR well-documented so that the user can prepare for the changes. While the Nydiot program did warn me to backup by HPC (and this I did), this did not prepare me for the instability of my system - even after an ActiveSync restore. I have sent an email to Nydiot support about this but have had no reply to date.

I am now having to consider a hardware reset and a re-installation of my system (since a simple restore will only restore the conflicts that are causing my Nokia D211 problems).

I am wondering if any other HPC users have had this problem and what they have done to get around it.
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chiark Page Icon Posted 2004-09-22 4:18 PM
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H/PC Sensei

North of England
I too had troubles with Nyditot (although I was calling it nhhhidiot for a while), but different to yours...

I don't know why, but my machine had problems with the keyboard stopping working completely when nyditot was installed. This caused a problem as my machine is password protected... Hard reset time!

The developers dropped me a response pretty swiftly to my enquiry, but didn't know what had happened. The best guess was conflict with some other software installed, but that didn't help much. Thankfully I could restore from the backup that I took, but all the same it was a slightly painful experience!

Hopefully the developers can find some time to hunt down instabilities such as these, as it would be a very useful product if I could make it work!

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SFT Page Icon Posted 2004-09-22 5:34 PM
My problem is a smidgen different.
I have a Jornada 820 HPC Pro 2.11.
I installed the NYDITOT trial version for 2.11
It installed fine. I configured it, just to see what's what, with double res. Rebooted as instructed.
I've read somewhere on the web that it conflicts with Microsoft Spell Check. I'm no programmer, but that seems bogus.
It just won't work. It's there. It won't work.
is that a Jornada 820 glitch?
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dgt123 Page Icon Posted 2004-09-26 10:11 AM
A further note on my earlier comments (2004-09-22): The solution seems to be (at least for the HP Jornada 728) to leave Nydiot installed - but disabled - if you don't want to use it but need to keep the device functioning properly.

My Nokia wireless card seems to function fine now, alongside Nydiot - enabled or disabled - but only after a total reset and installation of the device. The program itself functions well - you just have to watch out for a few little 'glitches'.

The other thing to avoid with this program is using the "VD Restore" shortcut available on the Start Menu. This will restore "factory settings". Unfortunately for a keyboard equipped Jornada, this seemingly restores the device to a "pocket pc" like status i.e. No Keyboard. Hence, this option is best avoided by Jornada 728 users. For this reason I have sent my "VD Restore" shortcut to the Recycle Bin - just in case...

It does seem to underscore my earlier comments where if a program is to uninstall or "Restore" your device back to factory settings, it should have taken note of the registry settings that were changed and restored exactly those.

I have had to go through a total re-installation to find some of this out though! I hope that some of these glitches can be revised in future editions.
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dgt123 Page Icon Posted 2004-09-26 10:16 AM
In answer to "SFT" - have you tried a soft reboot and holding down the stylus on the screen during reboot? This should disable Nydiot as it boots.
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