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GPS Software options for HPC 2000?

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wally Page Icon Posted 2005-08-26 8:37 PM
Gents, do a search.
IIRC, I was the first to discover Pocket Streets 2005 works fine on hpc2k, GPS support and all.
There's other threads full of great info also.
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hpcpro Page Icon Posted 2005-08-27 8:07 AM
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Factorite (Elite)

I tested these navigation software working fine on an HP720,Hp728 with a GPS:


Pocket Streets 2005(GPS support now included).it´s PPC version. It only mark position at map. All the world maps.

OziExplorerCE. It´s a manual router, mark position and route, but it´s not a real car router.You need to prepare route before. A lot of maps bmp, ozf, and you can transfer from PC many others, inclusive digitalized maps or satellite maps.

PocketMV. It use the Mapsource maps that use all Garmin GPS.The best actualized maps. HPC version. All the world maps.

Teletype. HPC version. It´s a car navigator or plane navigator.All the world maps.

ViaMichelin Mapsonic 3.0. It´s a PPC version.My fauvorite.It´s a excellent car navigator.European maps.

Destinator 3 .It´s a PPC version. A cas navigator.

All PocketPC versions work in full screen mode as if they were programmed for HPCs.

Streets Wizard has a HPC version and it´s similar as PocketStreets and Teletype.USA maps.

And the HPCfactor GPS compatibility list:

Other GPS option to HPC2000:
All HAICOM CF GPS HI-xxxxseries (only low power).
All GPS Bluetooth if you have a Socket Bluetooth PCMCIA.
All GPS with RS-232. You need to make an adapter Null modem to the HPC serial port.
Pretec CompactGPS-Low Power CF Card
SysOn Chip GPS

Edited by hpcpro 2005-08-27 8:34 AM
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mclaries Page Icon Posted 2005-11-03 10:41 AM
I am trying to instal Destinator 3 to my J720 & the Console does fine in the PC, but before the software gets installed in my J720, I get the message

"Unable to register program", I press <<ok>> (only option) & then

"Unable to unregister program", I press <<ok>> (only option)

& then the whole software from my J720 (except the shortcut in the Start menu) gets deleted & I get a message saying

"Installation cancelled by user"

Any ideas anyone?

PS. It is Destinator 3.0.75
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cmonex Page Icon Posted 2005-11-03 2:14 PM
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H/PC Oracle

Budapest, Hungary
mclaries, i answered you in your thread.
but please don't double post on this forum!
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