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Hurricane John Page Icon Posted 2007-03-06 7:44 AM
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gdblackthorn - 2007-03-06 1:03 AM

Hurricane John, when I change options from red letter to just black text, close the option screen and test to see if the changes took mine does not allow the change to actually take place, it is still red letter edition.

Does yours do this also?

No it doesn't......as I mentioned previously it runs just fine on my 720/728.....but it's all messed up on my 900c.
Probably requires some hacking/dll's or whatever (like so many other HPC2000 ARM titles) in order to get it to run properly on the 900c.
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blalond Page Icon Posted 2008-12-10 12:50 PM
I also have Laridian PocketBible 2.031 (running on Jornada 720). It was also different compared from Clinton Fitch's screenshots of version 2.021 here: http://www.hpcfactor.com/reviews/software/laridian/pocketbible-2-021/

In the review it shows the following menus on the top tool bar File Edit Find View & Help. I only had Edit Find & View, there was no File or help options on the menu.

I fixed the problem by getting rid of aygshell.dll in my Windows directory. I think I had put it there when trying to get some PocketPC applications to work.

Note: I've also found that PocketBible and Acrobat Reader 2.0 can't run at the same time.

Another side note: At Laridian, the revision history (http://www.laridian.com/winmobile/pbversions.asp) shows that there is a version 2.034 - the last version 2 before they went version 3. I can't get that anywhere. But it doesn't look like it adds that many features, anyway.

Edited by blalond 2008-12-10 12:53 PM
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