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Possible to tweak the original wince.nls file in HPC 2K?

Joe Page Icon Posted 2005-03-30 4:07 AM
I am a pda user Joe from China.

I have two HPC 2K machines. One is the US English version of sharp vj-2c,the
intermec 6651. The other one is an oem product 300HC by NEC for Celux, a luxury store in Japan. 300HC is powered by an Intel PXA250 300Mhz CPU.

as you know, 6651 or HC-vj2c uses Mips CPU.

I have one wince.nls file supporting China in the regional settings. It can be successfully used in a Sharp HPC Pro HC-aj2, which is also a mips machine on wince 2.11 system. Then, aj2 can see Chinese in the Regional Settings and make some must-have software work on the machine.

The problem is that both of the two HPC 2k machines above seem to reject the
wince.nls above. Nothing different appears in the Regional settings.

Is the wince.nls file os specific in wince system? i mean that is it
possible that a HPC Pro wince.nls file can not be used on a HPC 2k machine
despite all methods?

Because I have also tried a wince.nls file from a Chinese PPC2002 version
Ipaq 3870. The file failed on these two machines, either.

I also heard that some pda have been designed to reject alien or foreign

in the past, i also tried to put a Chinese wince.nls file onto an
English PPC2002 NEC 300E Pocket PC but in vain. This PPC seems to refuse to
work with any alien wince.nls file.

I have tried copying the new wince.nls file through a program called Total
Commander and through active sync connection. Neither works.

Could anyone help?

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