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Pocket DVD is great on J720!! File sizes and Format?

The Bishop Page Icon Posted 2005-04-08 2:26 PM
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Factorite (Junior)

I'm using the PocketDVD 1.1 on my J720 and it is fantastic! I was wondering if there is a way to compress the files to a smaller size without affecting the quality of video and audio? My files in the .avi format are averaging about 500megs! By the way, when I set up my program for the PCDivxx format, my files are produced in the .avi format, is the program functioning properly when this occurs? The Beta Player works great with these files, but the PQV gives me an error message saying that the files(.avi) is not compatible with the program, and it is set to run .avi files. If you have a solution, please reply.

The Bishop
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PocketDVD Page Icon Posted 2005-04-08 5:46 PM
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H/PC Philosopher

It all depends on the settings you are using for the filesize and all.
You might want to continue this on my support forum though, I dont think the HPC:FACTOR admins are too happy about this becoming a PocketDVD Support forum as well.


During testing C:AMIE and I came to the conclusion that the following information proved to be the most interesting results.
Format : PPC DIVX
Video Quality : 160kbps
Audio Quality : 32 kbps

Look on www.pocketdvd.ca/offset.htm to see how to get the absolute best results.

Movies I have done using these settings are about 190-220mb in size.

What program is PQV?

Betaplayer works flawless with files created with PocketDVD, but PocketMVP is a little bit more picky. Development on betaplayer is also more uptodate, and in general has better performance.

The avi files are encoded in DIVX format, and maybe [PQV] doesnt support the divx format?
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C:Amie Page Icon Posted 2005-04-08 7:20 PM
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H/PC Oracle

United Kingdom
PQV is a bitbank application, it's an image viewer which supports playback of video files created by digital stills cameras in AVI (MS AVI) and MOV.

As these AVI's are DivX, and not MS AVI, that explains why they aren't working.

BetaPlayer or PocketMVP / PocketDivX are your video options.

I don't mind pD discussion here at all, in fact the more it's publicised here perhaps the more Screen Rating results we can get for the pD.ca team to list.

As for the file size, as PocketDVD said, use the settings there and a screenrating of 128800 and you will get an optimal setting.
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