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Okay everyone, what about the Nexio S160 ?

Hfd Page Icon Posted 2004-10-12 7:30 PM
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H/PC Newbie

United States
Hello Everyone:

We all know about the aclaimed demise of the handheld pc form factor, and how
most manufacturers, (not all) have abandoned it. Well there are some new Hpc's
out there, and I am sure there are quite a few owners who have them, but
amazingly there is very little feedback or info getting onto the hpc forums about
them. The Nexio S160 with Ce.net OS, eventhough, it has been out awhile and has performanced reduced versions of the software we have come to love and enjoy,
must still be an improvement, and if championed by the members of the hpc
community, more robust software may be developed for it, which from my
undersrtanding of Ce.net will be a vast improvement over Hpc pro or Hpc 2000.
What is needed to help the hpc form factor to not just stay alive but to kick start
it back into the limelight it's been kicked out of by the Pocket pc's is for the
owners of these new Ce.net machines to constantly give us more and more
feedback on them and their performance, disapointments, ideas, sugestions,
etc, etc.
I personally started out with the Nec Mobilepro 770, then the 800, then the Hp
Jornada 690, then 720, tried the Dell Axim X5 (which I now used exclusively as a
photo viewer), and then back to the 720. Believe me I tried very hard to adapt to
the pocket pc form and make it productive for me, but you just CANNOT beat the
bigger screen for all viewing, and the use of a keyboard for typing. These newer
hpc's CAN jumpstart the hpc form factor, and now is the time to do it by
championing ALL the newer hpc's and getting this info to the hpc community, and
MAYBE the manufacturers will again take notice and do the marketing thing and
start building them again. I will soon be purchasing the Nexio, and I am waiting
with baited breath on the whispered new hpc that Nec is susposed to be
developing from the design it purchased from bsquare. we also need to encourage
the software developers out there, because THEY with their software developments
can make or break a platform, because without the software, the hardware is
useless. This is just my 2 cents, but I hope it can get the owners of these newer
hpc's to drop us a line of info or two. I will once I receive my new machine.
Thanks all for reading my babble.

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chiark Page Icon Posted 2004-10-13 7:45 AM
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H/PC Sensei

North of England
The form factor is about right, but it's big. The keyboard is also an afterthought and not in the same league as the HP 680/7xx range.

I do want to try one, but with the announcement about the XP30 (http://www.expansys.com/product.asp?code=112394) I think used prices are currently too high for the s160. I also don't know of anyone selling the s160 new.

Definitely worth a try though... I agree.

The manufacturers are staring at a stagnating PocketPC marketplace, and are wondering where to go next. The handheld route is apparently being explored by various people, HP included if you believe reports. Problem is that it'll be a risk, and it's a path that has been trodden by Psion who ultimately think that HPCs are not consumer devices.

As phones take on more functionality that a pocketpc provides, what's the differentiator? Larger form factor making a more usable, useful device perhaps? Like a hpc? Well, there's a buzz around Nokia's new communicators at the moment so we can but hope.

BTW, I've moved from a Psion siena to 3c, 3mx, 5, HP 620lx, hp jornada 680 then onto an ipaq 3630 and finally on to the 720. PocketPCs are nice toys, but they're not nearly as useful as a device with a larger screen keyboard....
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