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Downloading Patches & Updates

If you have a legacy operating system or Microsoft Office release and are looking to download all of the officially available updates, in their original, unmodified formats. It can be a problem getting hold of the binaries for some of the older patches.

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Unfortunately, due to rampant abuse, HPC:Factor stopped providing public downloads of Internet Explorer in 2009. The simple fact was it was costing us a lot in bandwidth for no return. We even had system administrators installing labs of machines from our download servers which had become unsustainable for a community website that is NOT supported by advertising. All of the running costs are paid for by the the owners and your donations. We also appreciate that the resources here are have been useful for the legacy community and that with your support, we can keep this site ad-free for our community.

The form below is designed to help to simply your request via PayPal as well as to suggest a donation amount.

Please tick the update sets that you would like to download using the list below. The suggested donation amount form at the bottom will update accordingly with your selection.

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If you are requesting something specific, or need specific language version of IE, please add the details to the text box above.

Please Note:
You do NOT need to create an account with HPC:Factor to donate to us.
Donations are NOT processed automatically. They will be processed by a person ASAP, on UK time.

Each package that you request in the list above will be provided in a single zip file.

Please note carefully the following terms relating to this:

  1. Please make a donation to the site using PayPal using the form below.
  2. The minimum acceptable donation is £2.00 GBP. Donations lower than this will be absorbed by PayPal fees and do not help our community in any way.
  3. You Do Not need to register an account here at HPC:Factor.
  4. You Do Not need to subscribe to HPC:Factor.
  5. If you have any questions, issues or requests please email the HPC:Factor Webmaster with your query.
  6. You will not be given access to download data from any other area of the site.
  7. Your request is not processed by a computer. Your donation will be processed by a human being during UK business hours on an ASAP basis.
  8. If we feel that you are being unfair in your request to us, HPC:Factor reserve the right to limit you to 250 MB per £1.00 donated on any donation over £2.00.

What is a 'sensible' donation?

A sensible donation is not represented by the hundreds of people who donate £0.01 (1 pence) in the hope that they can trick us into giving them what they want. PayPal actually take your 1p and charge us... you guessed it, 1p for the privilege. You are wasting your own time! For donations under £1.00, we will not see any income from it as PayPal take most (or all) of it in fees. Consequently we ask for the minimum you consider to be £2.00 and at least £1.00 on top for every additional file that you tick.

Your donations help our community. Our community has been online and ad-free since 1999. We do not data mine or sell our user information, we are not associated with app stores, sponsors or social networks. We have no revenue streams at all. It is a community site that is run at a loss for the benefit of the community that it serves. Your donations help to minimise the cost burden on C:Amie.

I am looking for something in particular, can I make a request?

Sure! If you are looking for something that you haven't seen specifically mentioned, drop the webmaster a line and we will see what we can do.

Where does all of this come from?

The information & research on best practices has been gathered from Microsoft and also from 'The Archive', a personal project of HPC:Factor Editor Chris Tilley which contains extensive lists of Microsoft updates, add-ons and fixes.

HPC Factor is keen to stress that the information and recommendations that we make in our patch guides are not necessarily the best practice recommendations of the Microsoft Corporation. The guides and downloads ares aimed at enthusiast end users and system administrators.
If you are in a company, please ensure to consult with your IT department before running any updates on your system.

View the Guides

Please use the following links to view the patches & updates guides and lists for each product.


Windows 3.11 logo link
Windows 95 logo link
Windows 98 logo link
Windows Millennium logo link
Windows NT 3.51 logo link
Windows NT 4.0 Workstation logo link
Windows NT 4.0 Server logo link
Windows 2000 logo link
Windows XP logo link
Windows Vista logo link
Windows 7 logo link


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Internet Explorer

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