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HPC:Factor Handheld PC Community Forums Rules

Here you can meet with and discuss the Handheld PC with other users, get technical support or just watch the world go by.
We are trying to build an active community that everybody can join in with. Providing a open and friendly experience for all users, no matter their age, gender or level of technical expertise. The best way for that to happen is if all users follow these simple rules outlined below.

Any user that is found to have broken these rules may find their account suspended, privileges removed or be banned from the boards completely. We hope that you will take a few moments to look over these rules and thank-you for your co-operation.
  1. No Graphic Material of any nature that may offend other forum users. This includes Pornography, out of taste or racist jokes or any material which through common understanding marginalises or ridicules in individual, group of individuals or cultures
  2. Warez & Piracy: We will not tolerate under any circumstances users posting requests for, information on or locations of pirated software. This includes people suggesting that other members attempt to locate it as a solution to a given problem.
    In addition, this article makes clear that presumption over the right to insist on freedoms regarding "Abandonware" are not offered or endorsed by HPC:Factor. Under associated domestic laws of the United States and United Kingdom, mutual legal authority for so called "Abandonware" can only be granted for works equalling or older than 70 years calendar years from the date of issue. Therefore, HPC:Factor does not recognise "Abandonware" as an acceptable form of software communication.
  3. Copyright: When using the forums, users are expected to abide by international copyright and fair use terms. As with any discussion, cite your sources, give credit where it is due and do not undertake actions which could undermine the intellectual rights of someone else.
    Posts that are made onto this forum become a matter of public record and while we fully respect individual members right to free speech, the ultimate control of the data posted onto this board becomes the responsibility of HPC:Factor and its owners, including responding to legal complaints and presenting your data to the community.
  4. Cursing & Foul language: If a topic becomes charged enough that you feel the need to cuss, don't. There are plenty of other adjectives in the English language. Try a thesaurus. This includes ***ing out parts of the words.
  5. Flaming & Personal attacks: If you don't agree with another member of the board and feel you cannot control your tongue, don't post. If you have been upset by the actions of another user please contact a Moderator or an Administrator and we will deal with it.
    The internet is a persistent medium. Information posted onto HPC:Factor becomes public domain material and the associated property of the HPC:Factor organisation. Users must acknowledge that with free speech comes responsibility, and with responsibility consequences.
    The Internet and the Forums should not be considered a venting ground for an individuals dislikes, and would remind users of the implications of Libel and Slander laws which can still apply to your posts onto this site.
  6. Stay On-Topic: There are reasons for having different forum areas. Please consider where your post is most likely to get a good response from, and which area it is most applicable to. If you are unsure or feel that there should be a new category please contact a moderator to ask. This is not a Pocket PC website, nor a Palm OS site. Please do not post support requests for these devices here.
    We accept that a certain degree of banter and peripheral discussion is inevitable in a vibrant community framework, however all members are asked to consider the worth-while nature of their reply into any particular thread and whether it would be better placed into a thread of its own.
    You are expected to abide by Staff Member direction on returning a topic to its original aims, and reserve the right to take action against agitators where necessary.
  7. New thread / existing thread: As a general rule on the HPC:Factor forums it is Always preferred that you make use of an existing thread on the same topic than to create a new one, especially if there are recent, existing threads. If you have used the search and found there to be a small thread existing on your topic which is over 3 months old, you may start a new thread.
    Trawling old threads created longer than three months ago is discouraged. Resurfacing threads older than 6 months should not be undertaken
  8. Multi-posting: Users may not, under any circumstances post the same thread into different areas of the forum as a method of seeking attention or expediting the process of receiving replies on a problem. This included changing the title or language used in a post to make it seem different. Post your question into the most appropriate forum, and wait. If after you posted you feel that it would be better placed in a different forum, contact a Moderator.
    Multi-posting guidelines are also applicable when replying to several different posts in the same thread, each reply itself being a new post - creating a stack at the bottom. This is considered to be an exercise in artificially boosting post counts, and is unnecessary. Please concatenate your train of thought into a single post.
  9. Thread Continuity: Please do not create new threads on the same topic with a slightly different spin. For example if you create a thread looking for installation help with an application. Do not create a new thread asking for help running the application. Both requests are part of the same discussion. Doing so allows those who may be able to offer support to familiarise themselves with your particular issue in full and to understand your setup and level of expertise.
  10. Asking For Technical Support: These forums are provided to facilitate and encourage the peer support concept.
    All posts by forum members, Moderators and Administrators are provided without any provided, implied or inferred warranty. Peer support is not an opportunity for users to attempt to get other forum members to do their work for them or research information for them. Peer support exists for users to assist with solving problems and not for abusing.
    We ask that posters do not ask for replies via e-mail unless it is vital in the process of solving a problem. If users cannot be bothered with returning to the forum to check for updates to your thread, you should not post in the frist place and not expect a response.
  11. User Names: You are welcome to use any name you choose, either an on-line alias or your real name so long as that name isn't advertising or politicising a cause. Users may not register a username impersonating another forum member, any individual celebrity or otherwise. All other forum rules are applicable to username choices (e.g. 'Cursing & Foul language').
    Any user caught using multiple alias's, whether registered or a guest visitor when posting onto the forum will be afforded one warning and then banned from using the forum, site services or the site itself.
    Should you require a change to your user name, please contact an Administrator who will be happy to make the change for you. Do not register a new account
  12. E-Mail Addresses: HPC:Factor does not send email to its members unless you request to receive service messages (e.g. notification of new Private Messages or replies to watched forum threads). The only time that we have made an exception for this since 2004 was in 2018 to notify our members of their GDPR options/rights for their hpcfactor.com account. We do not operate any mailing lists and we do not operate email marketing or advertising. Your data is held under the Data Protection Act 2017 and the laws of the United Kingdom. You may change your email address at any time.
    To this end, the use of a temporary/disposable e-mail service to register or update an account with hpcfactor.com will result in an immediate, unconditional ban of your account without notice. The moderation team work hard to keep SPAM and bots out of our community. Temporary email address accounts are a constant source of SPAM within our community, therefore you will be considered to be a spammer and deemed intent on undertaking nefarious activity.
  13. Signatures & Avatars: The board will automatically enforce the use of 90x90 pixel Avatars. Please keep Avatar size under 40KB. Signatures should be kept to a reasonable size, ideally no larger than 400x85 and comply with all other rules. All image files should be .gif, .jp(e)g or .png.
    We would wish to discourage against the use of animated signatures, however if the level of animation is reasonable and the file size remains within forum limits they are acceptable. As with PNG's, we discourage from their use as they are not compatible with H/PC browsers. We will take action against scripted signatures that infringe upon privacy.
    HPC:Factor staff are permitted to use a full width colour bar that reflects the colour of their primary staff group (e.g. Administrators, Global Moderators, Moderators etc.). The colour straps are intended for the purpose of identification only and are a privilege of being part of the staff team. Regular forum users are not at liberty to attempt to copy staff signature layouts or have a full width signature. Any attempts at doing so will result in a warning and the deletion of the signature.
    Signatures and avatars may not contain imagery or other material of a political nature. The role of this forum is for technical resources and community users and not to be exercised as a campaigning ground for political sentiments, opinions or otherwise
  14. Account Termination & Data access rights: HPC:Factor operates under responsible Internet guidelines and as a site run partly from a European Union member adheres to the UK Data Protection Act 1989 (rev 1998). If you wish to know what information is held on you by the forum system, or would like your account permanently suspended please contact an Administrator. We will require that you provide us written authorisation via your accounts registered e-mail address as well as the password for the account as proof of identity
  15. Moderators: In the event of a conflict please respect the words of the moderators. Moderators have authority to manage the forum by HPC:Factor and should be listened to. They can if necessary delete, move, merge and suspend topics and threads.
    Moderators are appointed directly by the HPC:Factor Editorial staff. The specific reason why a user has become a moderator is not up for public discussion. Like regular users, all Moderators must adhere to these rules.
    If you feel that a Moderator has not acted correctly please contact an Administrator
  16. We reserve the right to amend these rules at any time and without notice, though we will strive to make users aware of any major changes to these rules through the forum itself
  17. The word of an Administrator level member of the HPC:Factor staff is FINAL