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Performing a Databases Backup after a Display Failure


Applies to

  • Windows CE 2.0, CE 2.0 SP1


This article discusses what to do in the event of a Handheld PC display failure, should you need to back-up your Windows CE databases to a External Storage card.

NB: The steps in this article are to back-up the Pocket Outlook PIM databases, as well as System Databases created by other programs (Such as Pocket Money 2000).

Back-up of files that are stored on your Windows CE based Handheld PC should be recovered using a ActiveSync connection, using Windows Explorer to browse the Handheld PC.

As an alternative you can use the Back-up facility provided by ActiveSync to back-up both databases, files and the system registry.
This procedure is confirmed ONLY to work under the hp 300LX series running Windows CE 2.0. Other devices may be equipped with different backup software.

How-to Guide

In order to begin the databases back-up your H/PC should be on mains power. This insures the integrity of the back-up file.

Follow the key combinations below:

  1. Windows Key (If you H/PC is not equipped with a Windows Key use the Crtl + Esc key combination)
  2. S (Chooses Start Menu Settings)
  3. C (Select Control Panel)
  4. ENTER
  5. D (Chooses the first Applet in the Control Panel starting with D, which under default configurations is "Data Backup"
  6. ENTER
  7. ALT + B (Selects the Backup Data button)
  8. SHIFT + TAB (Selects the Folders list)
  9. S (Selects the first folder beginning with S, by default the first "Storage Card" folder)
  10. ENTER
  11. ENTER (Begin Backup)

If the back-up is successful you should hear an audible prompt.

You should ensure that the files have been backed up before you send in your device for hardware repair or restore them onto a new Handheld PC.