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How to clear the list of previously visited VNC Servers


Applies To

  • Windows CE 2.0
  • Windows CE 2.11 (HPC Pro)
  • Windows CE 3.0 (HPC 2000)


When you use the Windows CE VNC Viewer client to connect to a remote VNC server, the address of the server is stored for future reference in the drop down list in the Viewer connection window.

The address is stored irrespective of whether it connected successfully. For this reason you may wish to remove out of date or inaccurate VNC Server address from the list.

VNC Viewer for Windows CE does not offer an automated way of clearing these entries. This article discusses how to remove them manually.


The following information describes how to edit the Windows CE registry. Only experienced users who are comfortable with editing the registry should proceed. For an overview of the Windows CE registry please see CESD-S-0006.

It assumes that you already have a registry editor available and are familiar with its use.


Open your registry editor

Navigate through the hives to the following key:



In the date pane you should see the contents of the Recent connection drop box from the VNC Viewer:

  • Delete the Strings that you no longer require

NB: You can end here as normally the VNC client will fix the registry error created. We recommend that you continue and manually fix the registry error that this action creates.


By removing entry(s) from the list a error has been created. To fix this you must reorder the remaining values and correct the index.

Each value was assigned an alphanumeric value A, B, C, D etc. By removing an entry the ordering sequence has been broken. Simply rename the Strings so that the sequence is correct.

E.g. if you originally had Entries A, B and C. You then deleted B. You should rename the string with name C to become B so that the sequence is in order.

Be careful to rename the string and not edit the string data.


Finally repair the index string

Simply reorder this as required.

If you originally had Strings A - E and deleted 2 entries. Change the value of the index string to 'ABC'