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Known Bugs for Windows CE and Related Technologies


Below is a list of known Windows CE and Windows CE realted technologies bugs, limitations and flaws. Please note that some of these bugs are not meant to be taken seriously.

ActiveSync 3.x

If you create the following directory (where <username> is the store for your local user account):
c:\documents and settings\<username>\Explorer
Then attempt to explore your Mobile Device using the Explore button on the ActiveSync toolbar, Windows Explorer will mount the Explorer folder instead of the Mobile Device.

Outlook 2000 (RTM / SR1 / SP2 / SP3)

The Earliest editable date is 2nd April 1601

The Lastest editable date is 31st August 4500

Windows CE 2.0

You cannot create a new calendar event if the start time is set to 7am. This was fixed in SP1.

Windows CE 2.11

Under some situations attempting to force the Memory slider in the system applet above the 16252 KB barrier on some H/PC Pro 8000 build devices can cause a hard reset.

When compiling the regional settings for H/PC Professional, Microsoft neglected to include Canberra, the capital of Australia in the time zone list. This was remedied in SP1 and in the later 9000 release of H/PC Pro

Windows CE 3.00

A bug in the HPC2000 GWES service will cause all desktop icons to vanish unless a .lnk (shortcut) file is present within the \windows\desktop folder.

Indexing service bug: https://www.hpcfactor.com/support/cesd/s/0072.asp

Windows CE IDE's (eVT, Platform Builder)

Attempt to run the Windows CE emulator inside Microsoft Virtual PC and the IDE will return "you just had to try it didn't you..."