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Changing the name of the Storage Card Folder to differentiate between hardware


Applies To

  • Handheld PC 2000


When using external storage cards of different mediums with Windows CE. The name of the first installed storage device appears in 'My Handheld PC' a Storage Card, with the second and subsequent devices appearing as Storage Card #. Without opening the folder there is no logical way to differentiate between the different storage cards.

This article describes how you can differentiate between two different storage mediums by changing the name of the storage card folder.
This article is also applicable if you wish to change the name of the Storage Card folder to something else for use with CF cards.


The following information will only work if you wish to change the folder names of storage devices of two different types. For example you use ATA Flash (CF, Memory Stick, MicroDrive), SRAM, Iomega Zip, Adaptec SCSI Controller etc.
If you are using two storage devices which operate using the same driver. For example two Compact Flash (CF) cards this method will not allow you to change the name of your two cards. Please see CESDH0010 for instructions of changing the Storage Card names when both hardware devices call the same driver.

WARNING: If you use a Registry Editor incorrectly, you may cause serious problems that may require you to Hard Reset your Handheld PC. Use Registry Editing tools at your own risk.

NB: HPC:Factor recommends that you synchronise and backup your Handheld PC before you attempt to make these changes.

You must know the Storage Driver name before you can continue. Some known storage driver names are:

Adapted APA-1460 Series SCSI Controller
CF Card, Memory Stick and MicroDrive
Iomega PocketZip
RAM Disk Driver
SD Card MMC Card
SRAM Linear Flash PC Card


  1. Eject all Storage devices from your Handheld PC
  2. Open your registry editor
  3. Browse to following hive:
  4. Create a new String value named "Folder"
  5. Enter the name that you wish to replace the default folder name of Storage Card e.g. SCSI Disk
  6. Close Registry editor and Soft Reset your H/PC
  7. Insert your storage device. The custom name you specified in step 5 will now be listed in My Handheld PC for that Storage Type. If you use two of the same storage types simultaneously the second card will be labelled as specified in step 5 followed by a number.