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What driver name to enter if a Storage Card insertion prompts for a Driver Name


Applies To

  • Windows CE 2.0, SP1
  • Handheld PC Professional, SP1
  • Handheld PC 2000


This article describes the correct driver name to specify under this condition.


When you insert a ATA Flash, CF Card, MicroDrive or other form of standardised storage media into your Handheld PC's CF or PCMCIA Slot Windows CE displays the Driver Name Prompt and requests a driver for the card.

Under Windows CE, the occurrence of this issue could demonstrate other problems with the Hardware in your Handheld PC's CF or PCMCIA Slot.
There may also be an error in the Windows CE Registry or in one of the Memory systems in your device.

HPC:Factor recommends that you perform a full backup and hard reset your device. Registry corruption can be demonstrated by a cascade of errors on your devise and could result in loss of data if not dealt with promptly.

For more information on Hard Resetting your device see CESD-S-0034 or your Handheld PC's documentation.

If you do not wish to attempt a hard reset, or the same condition is true afterwards. You can attempt to force Windows CE to mount the Storage Card by entering the following file name into the Driver Name box.


If you are not presented with the "Storage Card" folder in 'My Handheld PC' or receive an error.

  1. Check to ensure that the File System on the Storage Card is compatible with Windows CE. See CESD-H-0012 form more information on compatibly File Systems
  2. Ensure that the card works correctly in another Handheld PC / PDA or PC
  3. Try a different CF card or storage medium in the same slot (e.g. Try a CF card instead of a MicroDrive, or a smaller size CF card)

If all these steps fail. Using a torch, you should investigate the Pin alignment within the CF / PCMCIA slot ensuring that none of the pins are imploded or bent.
You should consult with your Handheld PC's OEM regarding repairs.