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Auto Clearing over a custom period in Cash Organiser 2000


Applies To

  • Windows CE 2.0, SP1
  • Handheld PC Professional, SP1
  • Handheld PC 2000


Inesoft's Cash Organiser 2000 for the Handheld PC has an Auto Clearing of transactions function to clear old records from the primary database. The clearing period is hard coded to clear transactions greater than one calendar year or less. This article discusses how to maintain records greater than the maximum 12 months after clearing old records.

How-to Guide

If you wished to maintain a custom period of transactions after running the Cash Organiser "Delete the old transactions" you need to modify the current system date to trick Cash Organiser into clearing the appropriate records.

As an example if you wanted to maintain records in the database that are two years old and newer and the current date is 23rd March 2004. You would need to set the Windows CE system clock to 23rd March 2003 and then instruct Cash Organiser to Delete transactions older than 1 Year.
When the archive is run, items created before 23rd March 2002 will be removed from the Cash Organiser database, leaving record from 23rd March 2002 through 23rd March 2004 intact.

To perform the action:

  1. Backup your Cash Organiser database
  2. Exit Cash Organiser
  3. Disconnect your host from ActiveSync and any active connections
  4. Tap Start then Accessories and run World Clock
  5. Set the date back to the required time
    1 Year to maintain 24 months of transactions, 1.5 year to maintain 30 months, 2 years to maintain 36 months etc
  6. Tap OK to exit World Clock
  7. Open Cash Organiser
  8. Open the Edit menu, tap Account and run Delete the Old Transactions...
  9. From the drop box specify the period required to clear back from the current date and whether you want to maintain un-reconciled transactions
  10. Tap OK to begin the maintenance process
  11. Once complete check that the operation has completed successfully
  12. Exit Cash Organiser
  13. Connect your Handheld PC to the Host or use World Clock to automatically reset the system time


With thanks to 'Uncle Ben' and 'Flibble' for working with us on this article.