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Driver update may be required to use the IBM MicroDrive under H/PC Pro


Applies To

  • Handheld PC Professional, SP1


The IBM MicroDrive requires a more robust set of driver features in order to operate efficiently than a standard CF Card storage device. Some Handheld PC models running Windows CE 2.10 and 2.11 may not have a more up to date version of the driver. This article discusses the availability of a driver update for H/PC Pro devices.


More Info

This update may not be required on all Handheld PC Professional devices. In testing the MicroDrive for compatibility on your device you should ensure you have a full backup of any data stored on it. Then perform several read write operations.

If you experience any issues with maintaining data integrity, or slow access then the driver update may resolve the problems. HPC:Factor has compiled a zip package containing the update for 6 processors (SH3, SH4, MIPS3000, MIPS4000, MIPS4300, StrongArm SA1100). The update can be obtained from the CESD download centre.

Which Driver do I need to install?

The required atadsk.dll file depends on the processor in your device. To view the CPU information:

  1. On your Handheld PC tap Start
  2. Tap Settings and open Control Panel
  3. Run the System applet

The processor type information is located on the Device tab page next to Processor Type.

Installing the update

Once you have ascertained which version of the DLL you need to remove the MicroDrive and any other storage devices connected to your Handheld PC.

  1. Connect your Handheld PC to Microsoft ActiveSync.
  2. On your Host PC open My Computer and double click on the Mobile Device entry
  3. Navigate into \Windows
  4. Copy the required DLL into this folder, overwriting the file when prompted to do so.
  5. Disconnect from your host computer and soft reset the Handheld PC. The driver is now read for use.

Removing the update

To remove the driver in the event of any complications. Remove the MicroDrive and any Storage cards. Navigate into the \Windows folder on your H/PC. Delete the atadsk.dll file and soft reset.
The original atadsk.dll will be restored from ROM.