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ActiveSync Bug: Windows Explorer opens at the current user profile path when you click Explore


Applies To

  • ActiveSync 3.8


HPC:Factor has discovered a bug under Microsoft ActiveSync 3 which causes the Windows Explorer initialisation of the {49BF5420-FA7F-11cf-8011-00A0C90A8F78} Mobile Device CLSID to fail, prompting Windows Explorer to be launched into the active user profiles home folder.

More Info

The bug in Microsoft ActiveSync prevents the user from accessing the Mobile Device Explorer window from within Microsoft ActiveSync. Access to the Mobile Device browser from My Computer remains unaffected.

Under exceptional circumstances which see a directory created under the active user profile root named 'Explorer' e.g.
C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Explorer

wcesview.dll may be unable to connect to the Mobile Device browser, instead directing the file viewer window into the 'Explorer' folder beneath Documents and Settings.

To resolve the problem, delete the Explorer folder from your user profile root and attempt to browse the mobile device from within ActiveSync.