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Error "RSC_WRITE_OBJ_FAILED" when synchronising Mobile Favourites


Applies To

  • Handheld PC Professional
  • HPC2000


When you attempt to synchronise Internet shortcuts using the H/PC Plus! pack's H/PC Favourite Synchronisation program you receive the error:


Additionally you may receive the error

There is a favourite that has a character embedded in the file name that ActiveSync cannot handle

ActiveSync will consequently display an unresolvable item for the H/PC Favorites entry, and will be unable to resolve the synchronisation error using its own processes.

More Info

The error message outlines that the Windows CE file system was unable to insert the file into the Windows CE Object Store on the Handheld PC. Additionally you may receive the second error message outlining that there is an incompatible character.

Error Message

The Mobile Favourites synchronisation service for ActiveSync 3.x writes .url files into the Windows CE file system's \Windows\Favorites folder. As a result, the file names are subject to the same naming conventions as any other Windows file.

The error code is being returned by the Handheld PC because the file system has rejected the presence of a Unicode character which is not recognised as part of the standard character type set on the device. Consequently the kernel failed the write in order to protect the Object Store.

In order to resolve the error message you must manually locate and rename the entry in your user profiles Favorites folder which contains the extended character information.

To view the host machines Internet Explorer Favourites navigate to:

  1. c:\Documents and Settings\%user%\Favorites\
  2. Attempt to locate entries with extended character reference information, for example items with labels containing graphical representations or appearing as a small square characters likely causes of the problem. For example
    Internet Explorer Favourite Link
  3. Once you find the entry, open Internet Explorer
  4. Expand the Favorites menu
  5. Locate and right click on the item
  6. Select Rename
  7. Alter the name of the entry to a label using a more common character set as below
    Favourites Link Name
  8. Click OK and attempt to synchronise your device


With thanks to Dave Tyler for working with us on this article.