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Handheld PC Pro Service Pack 1


Service Pack 1 (SP1) for H/PC Pro was the first major service pack release for a Windows CE mobile device. When dealing with SP1 it is important to remember that Handheld PC Professional is H/PC 3.0 and runs on the Windows CE 2.11 or 2.12 Core.

If your H/PC device runs on the Windows CE 2.12 Core, then you do not need the Service Pack. In general CE 2.12 devices are found in the Far East and Asia. There are very few western 2.12 devices.

Rather confusingly the H/PC Pro SP1 increments the Handheld PC version number of the device. Older H/PC Pro devices are H/PC 3.0 (Windows CE 1 being H/PC 1, Windows CE 2 being H/PC 2 and HPC2000 being H/PC 4). The Service Pack will effectively update the software version number to 3.01 however this will not be reflected in the System information applet.

If your device is already 3.01, then you do not need to apply the service pack.

Fixes & Updates List

The Service Pack contains some major updates to the default applications that come with the H/PC. Details of the changes made to the system by SP1 are listed below.

Pocket Access Updates

  • Support for filtering a record set on the quote (") character and then switching to a different datasheet view. Previously, doing so caused Pocket Access to stop responding.
  • Support for sorting on multiple columns on devices with the StrongArm 1100 processor. Previously, doing so caused Pocket Access to display a "Field not found" message.
  • Support for cutting and pasting large amounts of text between Pocket Excel and Pocket Access. Previously, doing so could cause Pocket Access to stop responding.
  • Support for placing focus in a blank row in the table design view, tapping save, and then entering the field name.
  • Previously, the field name would be lost if you entered the name immediately after a save and then saved again.
  • Consistent inclusion of newly created tables in the list of tables in the navigation drop-down menu.

Pocket PowerPoint Updates

  • Support for on-device conversion of Microsoft PowerPoint 97 files.
  • Support for displaying Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 presentations that were converted using the High Quality converters on the desktop. Previously, the text and images in these slides would be distorted.

Pocket Word Updates

  • Support for opening Microsoft Word 97 documents that contain headers, footers, or footnotes. Previously, certain documents that contained these characteristics could cause Pocket Word to stop responding.
  • Support for opening Microsoft Word 95 documents that contain forms on the StrongArm SA1100 processor. Previously, doing so could cause Pocket Word to stop responding.

Pocket Outlook (Inbox) Updates

  • Support for downloading uuencoded attachments for previously downloaded e-mail messages that have been modified on the server.
  • Support for downloading attachments using POP3 from a Cyrus IMAP4 v1.5.2 server. Previously, doing so corrupted the attachments.
  • Support for downloading uuencoded attachments from a Solaris mail server. Previously, doing so could corrupt the attachments.
  • Consistent downloading of attachments using the IMAP4 protocol. Previously, under specific circumstances, some attachments would fail to download.
  • Support for detection of built-in Ethernet cards.
  • Support for connecting to mail servers using a blank password.
  • Support for downloading messages sent from an Exchange server to a Qualcomm Qpopper mail servers. Previously, these messages would show an error stating that an unsupported mail attachment or message type had been removed.
  • Support for addressing based on the "Reply-To:" header when replying to messages downloaded using IMAP4.
  • Support for sending messages with subjects longer than 260 characters or addresses with friendly names and addresses that are greater than 100 characters. Previously, doing so could cause Inbox to stop responding.
  • Support for receiving mail messages sent from a Netscape mail client that include an embedded Netscape mail message. Previously, doing so could cause Inbox to display a "Critical Error" message.
  • Support for resolving addresses against LDAP servers when a message is sent to the server.
  • Consistent removal of all message headers from online folders, that are not marked for offline use, on the device after the device is disconnected.
  • Support for receiving messages sent from Microsoft Office 2000 applications through POP3.
  • Support for an extended timeout duration for non-responsive servers.
  • Consistent handling of forwarded or replied to messages with uuencoded attachments. Previously, attachments could be corrupted in some circumstances.

Pocket Internet Explorer Updates

  • Consistent interpretation of security certificate expiration dates. Previously, connections may have failed to some sites immediately following a connection to a site with a different security level or if the target site has different security levels within the same site.
  • Consistent display of Web pages containing specific Japanese characters. Previously, trying to display pages containing these characters would fail. These are any characters that contain the 5c trail byte. This is not a characteristic that is apparent by looking at the character but rather it is part of the internal description for the character. One common character containing this trail byte is the Yen symbol.
  • Support for displaying certain types of GIF images. Previously, these images would be distorted.
  • Support for displaying 24-bpp Bitmap images. Previously, these images would not be displayed.
  • Various performance improvements.

World Clock Updates

  • Inclusion of Canberra, Australia in the city list.
  • Correct time zone for Brisbane, Australia.
  • Correct daylight savings time switching for Australian cities.

TCP/IP Network & Print Services Updates

  • Correct unloading of network drivers after browsing to a network resource through a firewall and then removing the network card from the device.
  • Support for turning off the device while printing using infrared (IR). Previously, doing so could cause the device to stop responding.


The Service Pack is not available directly from Microsoft. It is down to your Handheld PC's Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to ship the Service Pack to the end user.

We believe that only one distribution package for the Service Pack exists. The file is available for download below. If you are unsure if you need this file please contact your H/PC's OEM or visit the HPC Factor forums.

Download: H/PC Pro 3.0 SP1 can be downloaded from the Service Packs section of H/PC:Update