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Internet Assistant for Excel 95

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This no-charge add-in wizard will provide Microsoft Excel users with the ability to create and distribute Microsoft Excel documents on-line for viewing with any popular browsers.

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C:Amie on 20/07/2009 12:25:47 PM


The Internet Assistant for Microsoft Excel, by pressing a series of buttons, will assist users in converting their spreadsheet data to HTML format either as a separate or into an existing document.

With the increased demand for complex electronic document sharing via the Internet or your organizations' Intranets, it has become critical that the small business user be able to easily create, edit and convert files for these two important mediums. With this add-in, users will be able to leverage their existing Microsoft Excel spreadsheet data.Internet Assistant for Microsoft Excel add-in will operate with non-English versions of Microsoft Excel.

Download and Installation Instructions
The Internet Assistant for Microsoft Excel add-in file, HTML.XLA, should reside in the Microsoft Excel Library directory. The path to this directory is different depending on which version of Microsoft Excel you are running.

For standalone Excel 5.0, you will find the Library directory directly under the EXCEL directory (for example, C:\EXCEL\LIBRARY on a Microsoft Windows system and My Computer:Excel:Library on an Apple Macintosh system).

For MS Office and Excel 7.0, you will find the Library directory under the MSOFFICE and EXCEL directories (for example, C:\MSOFFICE\EXCEL\LIBRARY).

Installation Instructions

1. Copy HTML.XLA to the Microsoft Excel Library Directory (See above for platform specific pathname).

2. Run Microsoft Excel

3. On the Tools menu, select Add-Ins.

4. Check the Internet Assistant Wizard checkbox.

5. Click OK.

System Requirements:

The Internet Assistant for Microsoft Excel can be used with the following Microsoft Excel versions:

7.0 - Microsoft Windows® 95
5.0 - 32-bit Microsoft Windows (Microsoft Windows® NT 3.x)
5.0 - 16-bit Microsoft Windows (Microsoft Windows® 3.x)
5.0 - Apple® Macintosh® and Apple Power® Macintosh


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