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Internet Assistant for Microsoft Schedule+ for Windows 95

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Internet functionality update for Office 95 Schedule+ for Windows 95

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C:Amie on 20/07/2009 12:13:31 PM


Note: Internet Assistant for Schedule+ will work for Windows 95 and NT 4.0 users only.

Before installing the Internet Assistant, make sure that the Schedule+ application is not open.
To install, simply download and run SCHIA.EXE(1.2MB). The installation process is automatic and does not require any user input.
To uninstall, bring up the Control Panel, then double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon. Select the Microsoft Schedule+ Internet Assistant item and click the Add/Remove button.

In Schedule+, choose "Internet Assistant..." from the File menu to open the Internet Assistant dialog. You can choose to publish either your free/busy times or the complete details of your appointments.
The "Preview HTML" button creates an HTML file called "schedule.htm" based on your current settings, and then opens a web browser to view the file. "Preview HTML" will not work if a web browser is not installed on your machine. Recommended usage is to preview your file prior to posting to a web site to allow for any changes or edits to your settings.
The "Save as HTML" button allows you to save your current settings in an HTML file. You can then provide the HTML file to your web administrator for posting to a web site.
The "Post to Web" button allows you to post the HTML output file called "schedule.htm" to a Web server. Note: This feature is currently unavailable. A future beta version of the Internet Assistant will include the "Post to Web" feature.

Installs on NT 4.0 Beta 2
Installs correctly for French and German versions of Schedule+
Uninstalls via the Control Panel
Exports currently selected schedule, rather than always exporting the logged-in user's schedule
Exports appointment location field
Misc. bug fixes

Running multiple instances of the Schedule+ Internet Assistant can cause it to crash. The workaround is to always be sure that only one instance is running at a given time. If you do encounter a crash, close all instances of the Internet Assistant and try again.
Web posting functionality is disabled.

System Requirements:

Office 95 Schedule+


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