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Internet Assistant for PowerPoint 95

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Use the Internet Assistant for Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows 95 to transform your PowerPoint slides into rich HTML pages for publishing to the Web. Your presentations can be seen by anyone using one of the popular Web browsers.

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C:Amie on 20/07/2009 12:22:38 PM


- Tell the world about yourself on the Web and do it visually! Instead of creating a Web site with text-only HTML pages, PowerPoint 95 and the PowerPoint Internet Assistant make it easy to also create a set of exciting text-and-graphics Web pages.

- While users tell us it's really easy to use PowerPoint to create presentations, it's even easier to turn your slides into Web pages -- simply select Export As HTML in PowerPoint 95. In addition to maintaining your designs, layouts, pictures when PowerPoint turns your slides into HTML pages, hyperlinks are automatically set up to jump from one slide to another or to a related Web page! Just use Interactive Settings when you create your slides in PowerPoint 95 to define the link. No coding is involved - the Internet Assistant automatically creates the image maps.

- Get better results using visual aids from your Web site. Ever wish you could more effectively communicate your message by showing something to your client or a potential client during your phone conversations? The Internet Assistant for PowerPoint 95 is the ideal way to show them what you mean- just ask your client to check out your Web site as you speak to them. Or, next time you visit a client who surfs the Internet, instead of showing up with overheads or a computer, arrive at the meeting with nothing! Just ask if you can borrow their computer, as you connect to your Web site and deliver your presentation in the client's office.

Downloading and Installing the Internet Assistant for PowerPoint

Before you begin installation, make sure you've installed Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows 95. The Internet Assistant won't work with PowerPoint 4.0 or earlier versions. If multiple users share a computer, you'll need to install an Internet Assistant for each user needing this functionality. You must also be able to write to your PowerPoint directory, so some network installations and "run from CD" installations won't be able to use this add-in.

System Requirements:

Office 95 PowerPoint 95


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