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Microsoft ActiveSync

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ActiveSync 3.5 brings you up to date with compatibility to Microsoft Office XP and Windows XP.

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Microsoft Corporation
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English (United States)
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C:Amie on 05/07/2009 2:39:52 PM


Easy to Install
Install ActiveSync 3.5 with as few as six mouse clicks, without having to reboot your PC or device. By automatically detecting serial devices, ActiveSync 3.5 gives you the ability to free up serial ports on a PC for another type of serial device, such as a digital camera. This allows customers to interface with all the devices they need through a single serial or infrared port. In addition, when you upgrade, ActiveSync automatically detects changes made to supported personal information manager (PIM) software. For example, this allows you to automatically upgrade from Microsoft Outlook® 95 to Outlook 2002 without having to reconfigure your synchronization settings.

More Reliable
ActiveSync 3.5 is the most reliable release yet. ActiveSync 3.5 includes dramatic improvements to USB connectivity and synchronization and critical fixes to remote synchronization. By intelligently managing conflicts and updating your system with new and improved USB drivers ActiveSync 3.5 more reliably keeps users up to date with all of the information they need.

Outlook Security and USB updates
If you have ActiveSync 3.1 build #9386 or build #9439 and you are unable to connect your Windows Powered Device to your desktop PC or laptop using a USB connection, you may need to download the latest version of ActiveSync 3.5. In addition, if you have installed the Outlook 98 or Outlook 2000 Security Update you may also need to download ActiveSync 3.5. For more information on these issues, please see the following KB article.

Fast Performance
With ActiveSync 3.5, you can set the PC connection speed on Pocket PC from 19.2 KBps to 115 KBps. ActiveSync will automatically detect the selected port speed and update the PC's serial port to match it. Further, ActiveSync 3.5 will automatically detect and configure the port that is used to connect a device to a PC, whether a serial port or an infrared port is chosen. In addition to serial and infrared connections, ActiveSync 3.5 supports Ethernet and dial-up connections and supports both wired and wireless implementations of those standards.

If you use AvantGo and have installed an upgrade (such as the AvantGo Security Upgrade for Pocket PC devices), installing ActiveSync 3.5 will prevent AvantGo from syncing properly. To fix this problem, please reinstall the latest version of AvantGo.

System Requirements:

ActiveSync 3.5 supports Windows 98 (including Second Edition), Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition, and Windows 2000 Professional Edition. ActiveSync 3.5 also supports Office 97, Office 2000, and Office XP, including Outlook 98, Outlook 2000, and Outlook 2002.


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