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Pocket Internet Explorer 1.1Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer 1.1

Pocket Internet Explorer 1.1 for Windows CE 1.0 based Handheld PC's is the only Pocket Internet Explorer version update released as an Internet download for any generation of Windows CE device.

Pocket Internet Explorer 1.1 adds significant product enhancements over Pocket Internet Explorer 1.0 (better referred to as Pocket Internet Explorer 0.6)

The primary new features in the Pocket Internet Explorer 1.1 release are

  • Security: Feel confident buying and selling items on the Internet. Your personal data will be encrypted before it is sent across the Internet
  • Cookies: Get the most out of your visits to Web pages, which use cookie technology to enhance their sites
  • Caching: Speed-Now you don't have to wait as long to return to pages you've recently visited
  • Work Off-line: You can now access these same recently visited pages even after you've disconnected to reduce your online time
  • Save As: Save permanent copies of images and HTML pages; you can even save the HTML source and view it in Microsoft Pocket Word

Internet Explorer 5.0 Screen Shot

In addition Pocket Internet Explorer 1.1 adds increased levels of cyber transaction security with the inclusion of SLL and PCT cypher keys, allowing a limited - but improved level of support for SSL.


Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer 1.1

HPC:Factor provides these downloads for users of original release Windows CE 1.0, H/PC 1.0 devices. The downloads are not required on devices released towards the middle of the Windows CE 1.0 run. Devices which the updates are not required to be run on include the hp 320lx.

There are two parts to the download. The Pocket Internet Explorer 1.1 binary redistributable, and the Security protocol updates.

System Requirements:




SH3 - 310KB for the Browser; 90KB for the Security Updates
MIPS - 420KB for the Browser; 120KB for the Security Updates

Windows CE 1.0

There are no prerequisites for installing the Pocket Internet Explorer 1.1 update

Download Size:

338KB for the SH3 Browser
114KB for the SH3 Security Update
440KB for the MIPS Browser
144KB for the MIPS Security Update
1.13MB for the Host Installer


Download & Install

You can either use the Host installer in conjunction with H/PC Explorer 1.1, or the on-device installers for your processor.
If you wish to install the Security Update, you must install the Pocket Internet Explorer 1.1 browser update before you attempt to install the Security pack.


Pocket Internet Explorer 1.1

Browser (SH3)


338 KB

Browser (MIPS)


440 KB

Security Update (SH3)


114 KB

Security Update (MIPS)


144 KB

H/PC Explorer Host Installer


1.13 MB