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3mx Ultra Linux Thread for Razorbook, EPC. etc.

Jake Page Icon Posted 2010-02-02 12:32 PM
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H/PC Vanguard

Choking on the stench of ambition in Washington DC
Since RTFM's 3mx Ultra linux makes such an improvement to the EPC/Razorbook/Alpha 400/et al, I wanted to start its own thread.

For owners of this machine (linux-based, not the CE version), I can't recommend this OS enough. It's an upgrade in every way, from its Windows-based JWM Start menu to a plethora of additional applications.

A couple of tips:

1) If users want to use other fonts, make a directory called .fonts in the root folder and copy ms ttf fonts into it. Abiword and other apps will automatically list them in their font menus

2) If you want genuine backlight control, use ard's kernel. Here is the link: http://projects.kwaak.net/twiki/bin/view/Epc700/KernelBacklight and check the Alpha 400 thread for installation tips: http://www.hpcfactor.com/forums/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=13439&start=61

3) to get Slypheed to import properly your email addresses into its addressbook, the file to be imported should be an ldif file--this imports, at its defaults, much better than a csv file

4) RTFM's addition of Skipstone Browser makes for a far faster browser than firefox. For those interested, here are my bookmarks (note that they are almost all mobile links, which browses even faster). Cut and paste into the /.skipstone/bookmarks file:

folder Menu
url http://wap.cbsnews.com/ CBSnews
url http://wireless.go.com/wireless/abcnews/ ABCnews
url http://mobile.washingtonpost.com/ Washington Post
url http://us.new.m.yahoo.com/w/ynews Yahoo! News
url http://www.google.com/m/news Google News
url http://m.cnn.com/ CNN
url http://m.usatoday.com/ USA Today
url http://mobile.nytimes.com/ New York Times
url http://m.npr.org/ NPR
url http://mobile.time.com/ Time Mobile
url http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page Wikipedia
url http://mobile.politico.com/ Politico
url http://www.huffingtonpost.com/blackberry/ Huffington Post
url http://m.si.com/ SI
url http://m.espn.go.com/wireless/index?w=192st&i=MCOM ESPN
url http://www.hpcfactor.com/ HPC:Factor
url http://www.pdastreet.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=8 Psion Forum
url http://www.google.com/ Google
url http://kmandla.wordpress.com/2007/05/01/howto-use-cplay-like-a-pro/ cplay
url http://www.littlelinuxlaptop.com/ Little Linux Laptop
url http://linuxlaptopforum.ark2webdesign.co.uk/ Small Linux Laptop Forum
url http://www.xs4all.nl/~jostht/epc/ Alpha 400 Files
url http://www.hpcfactor.com/forums/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=13439&start=16 Alpha 400 HPC:Factor
url http://3mx.taita.co.uk/ 3mx Distribution
folder Toolbar
url http://www.freshmeat.net freshmeat.net
url http://slashdot.org Slashdot
folder Mozilla
url http://mozillazine.org/ MozillaZine
url http://mozilla.org Mozilla's site
url http://bugzilla.mozilla.org BugZilla
url http://google.com Google
url http://muhri.net Muhri.net


a) I wish the Contacts program had proper import/export

b) I wish the Calendar program had proper import/export

c) I REALLY wish for a 2.6 kernel for bluetooth and fast typing, and I understand that's under development. Fingers crossed

This is a great OS and a phenomenal upgrade.

Many, many thanks, RTFM, both for your programming and fine support.

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RTFM Page Icon Posted 2010-02-11 2:38 AM
Wow, thanks! Didn't see this right away. It certainly isn't perfect, but it is far superior to the crud that was installed on these from the factory. Nice bookmarks. I may just have to 'borrow' some.

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nigelmercier Page Icon Posted 2010-04-11 11:03 AM
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Factor Fanatic

Kent, United Kingdom
RTFM, if you are Matt from the LLL forum, please don't be upset that I've jumped ship to a Windows CE device.

Even though 3MX is superb, the other people who need to use the device would not be able to cope with the "complexities"

Edited by nigelmercier 2010-04-11 11:03 AM
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