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Specifications: NEC MobilePro 900C

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NEC MobilePro 900C - HPC:Factor Device Specifications
Manufacturer NEC
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HPC Name MobilePro 900C
Device Class Handheld PC (Clamshell)
Supported Windows CE Versions Windows CE .net 4.20
Part # MP900C
Availability UsedHandHelds.com (Discontinued)
RRP / MSRP $899.00 USD (£742.98 GBP, €854.42 EUR, ¥134,218.47 JPY, est.)
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246.22 mm x 128.18 mm x 30.25 mm
9.69 in x 5.05 in x 1.19 in
Weight 830g (1.83lbs)
CPU Type
XScale - PXA255
Bus Speed:
200 MHz
Bus Width:
Core Voltage:
Intel XScale
Instruction Set:
Supported Architectures:
StrongARM (Microsoft CPUID: 2577)
ARM720 (Microsoft CPUID: 1824)
CEF (Microsoft CPUID: 0)
CPU Clock Speed 400 MHz
Persistent Storage Area (PSA) 64 MB
Upgradeable ROM Flash ROM
Graphics Chip
Display Type DSTN
Backlight Yes
Screen Visual Area 194 mm x 74 mm (7.64 in x 2.91 in)
Diagonal: 207.63 mm (8.17 in)
Screen Dot Pitch
Screen Resoloution 640 x 240
Colour Depth 65,536 Colours (16-bit)
Touch Screen
Keyboard 78 Qwerty
Built-in Pointer
External Mouse
Other Input External keyboard/mouse optional
RS232 Serial
Infrared (IrDA) IrDA 1.1 Fast IR (FIR) - 4Mbps
USB Host
USB Client
VGA Connector
External VGA Resolution 800 x 600 pixel resolution supported on PowerPoint presentation software only, otherwise standard 640 x 240 pixel resolution
Port Replicator
Additional Ports
Built-in Modem 56.2 Kbps (v.90)
Built-in LAN (Wired Network)
Built-in WiFi (Wireless Network)
Built-in BlueTooth
Built-in Cellular
CF Slot Type CF Type I / II
PC Card Slot Type PCMCIA Type II
MMC Slot
Built-in Speaker Stereophonic
Headphone Slot
Mic Slot
Built-in Mic
Mains (AC) Rating Input:    100-240VAC 50 or 60 hz
Output: 12VDC 2A
Primary Battery Lithium Ion rechargeable 7.48V 2200mAh
Backup Battery CR2032
Description The MobilePro 900c from NEC boasts a large 8.1” HVGA color screen with nine levels of backlighting, a large, touch-type keyboard, touch panel and stylus pen so your mobile workforce can capture signatures in the field. Only 5.25” by 9.8” in size, and weighing only 1.8 pounds2, it is extremely lightweight and portable. With a powerful Intel® PXA255 processor, the MobilePro 900c has the muscle to run enterprise applications plus custom applications designed for your business. The MobilePro 900c is loaded with the Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET 4.2 operating system and application suite, including Microsoft® Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF integrated viewers. With its improved USB functionality, the MobilePro 900c now has additional capabilities which allow users to connect several peripherals to the product, such as a full-size keyboard, a mouse, a CD/DVD drive, a USB memory key, and more.
ROM Upgrade Details Upgradeable through software flash.
In the box Mobilepro 900C
USB synchronization cable
A/C adapter
Lithium ion battery/CR2032 backup battery
Users guide
MP900C bonus disk
RJ-11 telephone cable
Software in ROM Microsoft CE.NET 4.2 OS and application suite
Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and PDF viewers
Internet Explorer 6.0
Windows Media Player 9.0
Excel editor
Calender, scheduler, tasks
Software on CD Microsoft Activesync 3.8
JETCET printer drivers
bUseful Backup
bUseful Fax
Citrix ICA
PDF Viewer
NET Profiler
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DVD Catalyst 1847808
VAX-MIPS Benchmark No Test Data
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Last Updated 24 May 2022

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