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Specifications: Itronix T5200

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Itronix T5200 - HPC:Factor Device Specifications
HPC Name:T5200
Device Class:Handheld PC (Clamshell)
Supported Windows CE Versions:Handheld PC 3.0 Professional (Windows CE 2.11)
Part #:T5200
Availability: (Discontinued)
RRP / MSRP:$1,995.00 USD (£1,596.00 GBP, €1,771.56 EUD, ¥213,864.00 JPY, ¥13,725.60 CNY est.)
Street Price:
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249 mm x 127 mm x 57 mm
9.80 in x 5.00 in x 2.24 in
Weight:1406g (3.10lbs)
CPU Type:
Codename:Poseidon v1.5
Bus Width:32-bit
Inst Cache:4 KB
Data Cache:1 KB
Core:MIPS R3000
Instruction Set:MIPSII
CPU Clock Speed:74 MHz
RAM:16 MB (Max: 32 MB)
Persistent Storage Area (PSA):32 MB
Upgradeable ROM:
Graphics Chip:
Display Type:STN
Screen Visual Area:159 mm x 64 mm (6.26 in x 2.52 in)
Diagonal: 171.40 mm (6.75 in)
Screen Dot Pitch:
Screen Resoloution:640 x 240
Colour Depth:16 Tone Mono (4-bit)
Touch Screen:
Device is Capable
Keyboard:Weather sealed
Built-in Pointer:Resistive 4-wire touch screen
External Mouse:
Device is Not Capable
Other Input:
Device is not equipped with this Technology
RS232 Serial:
Device is Capable
Infrared (IrDA):IrDA 1.0 Serial IR (SIR) - 115.2Kbps
USB Host:
Device is Not Capable
USB Client:
Device is Not Capable
VGA Connector:
Device is Not Capable
External VGA Resolution:
Device is not equipped with this Technology
Port Replicator:
Device is Capable
Additional Ports:Vehicle Cradle port replications Serial, Antenna
Built-in Modem:33.6 Kbps
Built-in LAN (Wired Network):
Device is not equipped with this Technology
Built-in WiFi (Wireless Network):
Device is not equipped with this Technology
Built-in BlueTooth:
Device is not equipped with this Technology
Built-in Cellular:Optional DATATAC, Mobitex, or CDPD
CF Slot Type:CF Type I / II
PC Card Slot Type:PCMCIA Type II
Device is Not Capable
MMC Slot:
Device is Not Capable
Built-in Speaker:Monoaural
Headphone Slot:
Device is Capable
Mic Slot:
Device is Capable
Built-in Mic:
Device is Capable
Mains (AC) Rating:Input:    18v DC
Primary Battery:10.8v 1400mAh
Backup Battery:5.5v, 1F supercapacitor (Ten minute reserve)
Description:The T5200 computer is a rugged handheld computer that uses the Windows CE operating system. The T5200 computer is smaller than a ruggedised laptop, but has many of the same features. It is weather-sealed, resists bumps and drops, can connect with a variety of peripherals and host computers, and is capable of communicating over landline and wireless networks.
ROM Upgrade Details:
In the box:Computer, Power Cord, AC Adapter, Li-Ion Battery, User's Manual
Software in ROM:Windows CE 2.11 applications, "Speakerphone"
Software on CD:
H/PC:Update:The HPC:Factor Windows Update for Windows CE. Find downloads including ROM updates, drivers, patches and manuals for your Handheld PC in H/PC:Update
5 downloads are available for the T5200
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Compatible Software:Discover compatible software in the HPC:Factor Windows CE App Store
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DVD Catalyst:No Test Data
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Last Updated:24 April 2019


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