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3Com EtherLink III LAN PC Card

Hardware Compatibility Data (HCD)

Ethernet Cards (Wired LAN) : 3Com
Model Numbers
Form Factor
Windows CE 1.00Incompatible icon
Windows CE 1.01Incompatible icon
Windows CE 2.00Compatible icon
Windows CE 2.10Unknown compatibility icon
Windows CE 2.11Partial icon
Windows CE 2.12Unknown compatibility icon
Windows CE 3.00Partial icon
Windows CE .net 4.00Incompatible icon
Windows CE .net 4.10Incompatible icon
Windows CE .net 4.20Incompatible icon
Windows CE 5.0Incompatible icon
Windows Embedded CE 6.0Incompatible icon
Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2Incompatible icon
Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3Incompatible icon
Windows Embedded Compact 7.0Incompatible icon
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EtherLink III LAN PC Card 3Com

Notes Windows CE 2.11:
The 3Com driver release for H/PC Pro was never extended out of the beta phase. Consequently we have received a number of reports of compatibility issues with MIPS VR4xxx processors.

Windows CE 3.00:
Development on the HPC:Factor HPC2000 beta driver has currently been suspended. A known flaw exists when you suspend the H/PC device while the card is inserted. To work around this eject the card before suspending.

No drivers are currently on-file for this device. Contact us if you have some.
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16/12/2019 2:04:45 PM
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