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Doom 0.92

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Port of Doom FPS to Windows CE
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This is a full-featured Doom port for CE2.11/HPC2000 Handheld PC's, including the J680, 690 and 720. It has full PC appearance and functionality. You can play with any IWAD, including shareware, Doom, Ultimate Doom, Doom2, Plutonia and Tnt. It also features full sound support.

Date: 04-08-02

This release updates the updates and fixes the fixes of 0.91! ;-)
-Use '9' and '0' to adjust screen size. (Cheats now work)
-fixvid command line parameter should now work.
-Tweaked screen stretching code.

Date: 16-07-02

-Fixed gamma correction.
-Warns when battery is low.
-Checks for available memory.
-Better IWAD detection.
-Added -fixvid command-line parameter for troubleshooting purposes. (ARM only)
-Overlay automap. ZDoom style ;-)

Date: 6-07-02

-Now supports all IWADS including Ultimate Doom and doom2.
-Solved keyboard focus issues.
-Storage Card support.
-Load PWADS (Custom levels) with command line.
-Faster and more stable.
-Fullscreen (640x240) graphics. (as well as 320x200)
-Full PC appearance and functionality.
-Tidied up interface.


Up arrow: Move forward
Down arrow: Backpedal
Left arrow: Turn left
Right arrow: Turn right
ctrl: Shoot/Strafe
'0' key: Scale screen/automap up
'9' key: Scale screen/automap down
'G' key: Gamma bump
Esc: Pause menu
Tab: Toggle automap
Numbers 1-8: Select weapon

You can also play custom wad files, to do this use the -file command line parameter.
IMPORTANT: The file path used in this parameter is relative to your HPC Doom folder. This is because Doom will see a space (eg: as in 'Storage Card2) as a new file. So if you put a custom wad file called 'MyWad.wad' in your HPC Doom directory, you would just use -file MyWad.wad rather than the full file path. Don't use '../', it probably won't work!

System Requirements

Extract the version of Doom.exe corresponding to your Windows CE device's processor and copy the file to the device. Then copy one of the available Doom WAD files to the same folder. GAPI (gx.dll) is also required for the ARM version.

Installation Instructions

HPC Doom is a WindowsCE 2.11 HPC port of Doom based on Bruce Lewis's DoomCE port, which in turn is based on WinDoom, which is based on Linux Doom, which is based on the original Doom sources!!!
HPC Doom should run on any CE2.11 or HPC2000 HPC and has been tested (successfully) on a Jornada 680 and a 720. There is currently an issue with the NEC Mobile Pro 770.

Extract the version of Doom.exe corresponding to your Windows CE device's processor and copy the file to the device. Then copy one of the available Doom WAD files to the same folder. GAPI (gx.dll) is also required for the ARM version.

A wad file is required to play HPC Doom. These are the level and other data of the game. This is seperate from the Doom executable program file in the zip.
By doing this iD software have been able to keep Doom as commercial software and release the source code.
A shareware wad file can be found freely on the internet.
You may have commercial version of Doom. If so, copy the .wad file to the device. This way you will be able to play all the Doom levels.

Name your IWAD:
HPC recognises the type of IWAD that is being used by it's name. (It also checks for sharware versions disguised as registered wads!)
Call the IWAD:
Doom1.wad ->Shareware version.
Doom.wad ->Registered version. 3 episodes.
Doomu.wad ->Ultimate Doom. 4 Episodes.
Doom2.wad ->DoomII.
Plutonia.wad ->Plutonia exp.
tnt.wad ->TnT.

Create a folder called 'HPC Doom' this can be on a storage card if you wish, place your IWAD in that folder. HPC Doom can use any IWAD (Shareware Doom,Ultimate Doom, Doom2, Plutonia, TNT etc) as long as the filename is consistant with the type of wad that is being used.

This means the path will either be:
\Storage Card?\HPC Doom -or-
\HPC Doom

This is an incompatibility with GAPI HPC and these devices. Try launching HPC Doom using -fixvid command-line parmeter. This will use perset video settings and will ignore the incorrect information returned by GAPI HPC.

If you have graphics issues on some devices, try launching HPC Doom.exe via Start > Run or via the command line using the -fixvid switch.
"\Program Files\HPC Doom\HPC Doom.exe" -fixvid



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Popularity 84
Total Downloads  2611
Submitted By CE Geek
Submitted On 30 December 2015


<Former Member> 04 May 2018 at 4:17:51 PM
it says cannot find iwad i have put the wad in the same folder on my windows ce gps device reply soon
Creepebrine 12 November 2018 at 3:45:04 PM
Not enough memory :( (HP Jornada 680)
koenigssohn 28 October 2019 at 7:30:23 PM
Same problem: Can´t find iwad. Gapi is installed and only one *.wad file is in the doom directory. HP Jornada 710
Nuketank 20 November 2019 at 1:54:21 AM
I got the game to load to title screen, but only the top row of pixels actually does anything.
Guess my iTronix T5200 (MIPS) just isn't up to the task.

Used my ARM PocketPCs to help get to the bottom of the troubles people are having, but there was a scary-looking crash after I got the WAD to load in. Likely because of a GAPI conflict, because I was using PocketPC. (I don't have an ARM H/PC. :<)
Here's what I learned:

"Low Memory"?
Try moving the game to your storage card, and adjusting your Program/Storage memory slider way over towards "Program".

"Can't Find iwad"?
The Readme document included with the game warns that you MUST put the iwad in an "HPC Doom" subfolder.
For example, if you put the game on your storage card, put the wad file in "\Storage Card\HPC Doom\DOOM.WAD" (or relevant filename).
Said readme has a lot more information about how to handle your WAD file, for example how to load custom WADs or versions other than the original, than I can relate in a comment. Do look into it if you're still having problems.
alexispipi121 01 March 2021 at 1:35:57 PM
i cannot find iwad appears on my x view gps
be3 29 July 2021 at 11:53:09 PM
hp Jornada 430 - Not enough memory, but after second try - i hear doom sounds, and color line on screen appears. Total not playable.
torch 07 September 2022 at 8:29:10 AM
I was able to locate a version 0.95 that's newer, try it out if you can.
Citgo 19 January 2023 at 3:42:23 PM
Great game... a little bit jerky but a nice memory of the past

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