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Contribute to the Software Compatibility List (SCL)

First and foremost, just as with the HCL the SCL depends on you, the Handheld PC Community to help us to improve and maintain the information within the system.

Unfortunately, due to time and security factors it is not practical at this time to make the SCL a fully open system as is the case with WikiPedia. Instead we are looking for your help in populating content.

If you have just a couple of programs to submit

Firstly, check to ensure that the program(s) do not already exist in the SCL. The please check the SCL posting guidelines/rules. If they don't already exist and are acceptable under the rules, please let us know through this thread or PM an administrator/moderator.

If you have a significant number of programs to submit

Please check the SCL posting guidelines/rules.

If all is well and you would still like to submit a large amount of content and are prepared to do the work, please PM C:Amie with a little info about what you have.

If you would like to help moderate and improve existing content

Please contact C:Amie via Private Message.

If you would like to submit a correction

Please let us know in the SCL issues thread on the Community Forums.

If you would like to submit something larger than 60MB

If you need to submit a large file, please contact C:Amie via Private Message.

Software Compatibility List: The SCL is provided for free to the Handheld PC Communty and we do not carry advertising to support our services. If you have found the SCL useful, please consider donating.