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Contribute to the Software Compatibility List (SCL)

First and foremost, just as with the HCL the SCL depends on you, the Handheld PC Community to help us to improve and maintain the information within the system.

Unfortunately, due to time and security factors it is not practical at this time to make the SCL a fully open system as is the case with WikiPedia. Instead we are looking for your help in populating content.

Here is a list of what the SCL can / cannot be used for

Cannot be

  • Anything that should be in the HCL (drivers)
  • Anything that should be in H/PC:Update (patches [OEM or Microsoft] and OEM released things for specific device xyz including documentation)
  • Warez, period.
  • Malware
  • Anything that anyone is looking for a quick way of disseminating a file to a friend -- This will result in an immediate ban (there are plenty of free online resources for this)
  • Any application that is not directly related to a H/PC
  • PsPC, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile or Windows Phone unless it has a proven working stub/hex process (see below)

Can be

  • Can be host applications to support CE programs / host installers
  • Standalone CE .exe's / CE-side installers
  • CE CAB files
  • Member contributed programs
  • Inflated CAB's from host installers (as long as the license is provided along with the original host installer file)
  • HPC:Factor Exemptionware with Keys
  • Freeware
  • Open source
  • Former Payware with publicly available, developer approved, legitimate keys not sourced by staff (e.g. Hum)
  • Programs that require stub files (as a preference link to a SCL entry that contains the generic stub files in the installation instructions rather than repeatedly uploading the same stub files)
  • Programs that require hex editing (enter the installation instructions with the needed hex edits ALWAYS, please don't upload pre-hex'd files unless you have re-packaged them into a CAB and ALWAYS include the unhexed program)
  • The manuals and documentation files to support the above
  • Anything else not explicitly unwanted


Want to minimise the presence of

  • Trials / Shareware (known as Trialware in this system). They add little value unless we can provide keys and will simply clog up disk space. Please try and contact the devleoper and ask if they will exemptionware it!


But... but... but...

  • Does the developer/human being still exist? Contact them! This site is over 18 years old, at some time one of the founders or mod team has had a personal relationship with these developers in one form or another. Let's not forget that! Ask if they will exemptionware it, extend them the courtesy of choosing before you do anything else.
  • But the developer doesn't exist any more, seriously! OK, Contact C:Amie and explain the situation
  • But I am calling it 'abandonware' so it is OK: No it isn't. The owners of HPC:Factor will have the final say, that is just the way it is.


Tips, suggestions & misc

  • Please try to maintain the original file name in the original format that you downloaded it from the developer. The SCL does not require file name uniqueness. By maintaining the file name you make it easier for people searching for archived file names to locate the hit on HPC:Factor's search engine results as we publish the file names.
  • Do not halter/hex mod the original installer. This preserves the MD5 hash of the file which is equally useful for getting archivists to the file that they need. If you need to repackage something, upload it in addition to the original.
  • If you have a host installer, consider uploading the cabs (usually found in Program Files or the Temp folder) once the host installer is running. This helps to save bandwidth as people can simply pull the file that they require
  • Zip ISO files, they usually reduce by a worthwhile amount. If you do this with any file, providing the original's MD5 hash in the text body would be helpful as the server will only hash the zip file.
Software Compatibility List: The SCL is provided for free to the Handheld PC Communty and we do not carry advertising to support our services. If you have found the SCL useful, please consider donating.