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Exemptionware, the Windows CE Community License

The HPC:Factor Exemptionware initiative is an attempt to prevent legacy software applications from disappearing from the screens of Windows CE users by encouraging developers to release their software into the public domain, without relinquishing their rights or control over it.

The Exemptionware license initiative is designed to wrap existing programs in new licensing terms that are laid out explicitly by the exemptionware license with the express intent of reducing piracy and providing the developer with a point of contact here at HPC:Factor.

With thanks

Many of the programs offered here were once commercial and have been released into the public domain through the generosity of their authors under the exemptionware license.

In particular we would like to gratefully acknowledge the software donations by (in alphabetical order):

AIM Productions 
 G-POD 1.07
Applian Technologies LTC 
 CoolCalc HPC 3
 XMas Runner Build 39
Burr Oak Software 
 pTravel Alarm 1.17
CE Agenda 
 CE Agenda
Crescent Vision Interactive 
 Casino Pack 1.0
Dave Shaw 
 TimeSyncTZ 0.05
 TimeSyncTZ 0.06
Developer One, Inc. 
 ScreenSnap 4.0
Dr. Jason Short 
 XWord CE 1.0
Frank Garcia 
 Tweaks2K2 2.06
Handheld Solution - Thomas Graupner 
 Advanced Timer 1.50
 Card Copier 1.1
Ilium Software 
 Dockware 2.0
 eWallet 2.1
 eWallet 3.1
 GameBag One 1.0
 Keep Track 2.0
 ListPro 3.0
 PhoneTone 3.0
 Recordian 1.1
 TapeMinder 1.0
 Tipster 1.0
Innobec Technologies 
 SideWindow 1.02
 PoQuick Money Professional 3.0
 Sol! CE
 Blacklight 0.71
 H-Bomb 1.3
 HPC Notepad 1.01
 HPC Password 1.01
 Pocket Organizer 2000 2.2
One Man And A Cat Software 
 One Cat Doodler 3.0
Raimonds Rudmanis 
 Reveal Your Rank 2.2
Ranier Herrier 
 Sudoku 2.0
 Resco Explorer 4.10
 AstroHTML 1.1
 The Chemistry Set 2000
 The National Park Guide 1.0
Sean O'Connor 
 Handheld Conquest 2.0
 Handheld General 2.0
 HPCSlay 2.0
 Pocket Rats 2.0
Twiddlebit Software 
 Pocket Plan 3.01
 Hum 1.60
 Hum 1.62
Wolfgang Maichen 
 DrummerBoy 1.7
 MIDI Control 1.0
 MidNote 2.2
 PDR Mixer 1.0
 PocketDrums 1.1
 PocketSynth Pro 4.2
 Strummer 1.2