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Porta-Pinball 1.04

Porta-Pinball is a freeware pinball game
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Screenshot of Game play
Screenshot of Intro screen
Screenshot of Game play


Porta-Pinball is a freeware pinball game for Pocket PC computers. It features realistic ball and flipper physics, powerful bumpers, flashing lights, and drop-down targets. It even allows nudging. Smooth animation and full sound effects round out the pinball-in-your-pocket experience.

The layout is simple, so the goals are easily learned, though not easily mastered.

Hit the bumpers and targets to advance the score.
Complete groups of bull's-eye targets to collect bonus points.
Complete groups of drop-down targets to advance the bonus multiplier and bumper values.
Lock the ball and receive an extra ball in its place.
Complete the top four roll-over lights to collect the Jackpot.

Porta-Pinball has fully-configurable button assignments and allows the speed to be set from childish to fiendish.

Porta-Pinball is intended to run on all Pocket PCs supported by the Microsoft GAPI game development library, including color and monochrome Compaq Ipaqs, 12-bit and 16-bit color HP Jornada's, and all Casio Cassiopeias. Porta-Pinball should also run on any color or monochrome Palm-Size Windows CE 2.x device supported by GAMEX, an unofficial game development library. See the Issues and Incompatibilities section for reported problems.

Porta-Pinball attempts to support 256-color devices that have a settable palette, but neither GAPI nor GAMEX provide functions to set the color palette. Porta-Pinball's special palette-modifying code has been tested on the Nino 500 and HP Jornada 525, but hopefully will also work on other 256-color devices.



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Website http://pocket.iwarp.com/index.html
Not working? Try this website on the WayBack Machine
Popularity 645
Total Downloads  81
Submitted By Freda
Submitted On 02 November 2020


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