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PocketTV Enterprise 0.9.9

PocketTV is a full-featured MPEG Movie Player and VCD (Video-CD) Player
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PocketTV is one of the most downloaded third-party Windows Mobile freeware. PocketTV has already millions of users.

PocketTV can play any standard MPEG-1 video file (extension .mpg or .mpeg), including VCD (Video-CD).

PocketTV can play VCD (Video-CD) movies. Copy the VCD .dat file in your memory card (using your PC) and change the .dat file extension to .mpg to play with PocketTV.

DVD's can be converted into MPEG files and played by PocketTV. There are many tools (both commercial and free) that can convert DVD's into MPEG files.

PocketTV provides you with the unsurpassed video and audio quality and many useful features not found in other video players.

PocketTV takes full advantage of all the features of Windows Mobile (on-the-fly display rotation, Soft Keys, VGA resolution, etc).

On the VGA-resolution devices's, PocketTV takes advantage of the video hardware accelerators chips (such as the ATI Imageon 3200 series or the Intel Marathon 2700G), so it can play VGA-resolution MPEG files (i.e. DVD quality) with optimum quality.

Compare PocketTV with Windows Media Player and the other mobile video players.

PocketTV works well with Internet Explorer. You can play an MPEG movie by just tapping a link in a web page. More on using PocketTV from web pages...

PocketTV is capable of streaming MPEG video files using standard internet protocols such as http, provided that your device has a wireless network connection that supports the necessary bandwidth i.e. the bitrate of the MPEG file that you want to stream.

Program Cost

$19.95 USD (£15.00 GBP, €17.70 EUD, ¥2,260.95 JPY, est.)


MultimediaVideoMPEGVCDVideo CD

License Trialware
It's a demo only and in order to continue to use it after a period of time you will have to pay for it.
Popularity 2107
Total Downloads  0
Submitted By C:Amie
Submitted On 24 July 2022


mulder666 05 August 2022 at 2:40:18 AM
PocketTV funciona bien con Internet Explorer. Puede reproducir una película MPEG simplemente tocando un enlace en una página web - Algun sitio web para reproducir en Pocket Tv? Algún http: streaming que emita en mpeg y pueda ver con este programa? Probé algunos pero no me funcionaron - Gracias

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