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CeHttp 2.37

Open Source
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A light weight httpd (HTTP 1.1) server
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What is it
The CEHTTP is the WEB server program which runs on WindowsCE (version 2.1x or later). HTML can be widely exhibited through a network. General CGI, such as Perl, PHP, does not operate yet. Instead, the extension which is written by C++ is prepared. Basic authentication is supported. It is possible to require the user name and the password from a client.

What differs form Apache/IIS
The CEHTTP, it is small and speedy server created for WindowsCE devices. All was written by C++. It runs with multithread. And it always tested by the stress tools. It is thinking as implementation was less important than efficiency on the CEHTTP. Apache and IIS are designed to perform efficiently with server spec PC. So, it is heavy and large spec for WindowsCE. Moreover, the CEHTTP cannot be easily infected with a virus. Many server viruses which have appeared on the internet aimed Pentium processor. Probably it is not infected with a virus like NIMDA, and who virus maker will not make virus for the CEHTTP.

CEHTTP/2.37 HTTP server 2005-08-13
chx sample minimum source code of chx ext. 2003-12-14
dll sample minimum source code of dll ext. 2003-12-14
BBSv1.3 BBS & admin extension 2004-09-20
BBSv1.2 2004-05-14
counter Page counter 2003-11-02
dir(demo) File browser 2004-09-19
rui Remote user interface 2003-07-20
status(demo) Show memory detail 2003-07-19
status status for pocketPC 2004-08-29
common lib. common class library
to compile chx source, use this library 2005-10-01
Socket Simple Dynamic DNS register tool 2003-05-12
User's manual English PDF version 2004-01-03
User's manual Japanese PDF version 2004-01-03

Installation Instructions

Copy to WindowsCE device
In accordance with CPU of your WindowsCE, copy file to your device.

For ARM cehttp2.ARM.CAB
For SH3 cehttp2.SH3.CAB
For SH4 cehttp2.SH4.CAB
For cehttp2.MIPS.CAB

To know that CPU type of your device, Please probe 'the property of fhs system' by the control panel. After copying the CAB file, Please execute it on the device. An installer starts automatically, and then CEHTTP is installed

Default install place is as follows

"\program files\cehttp\cehttp2.exe"

Since it is a WEB server software, your WindowsCE device have to connect to the network.

If it has been executed for the first time, the above dialog box will appear, since there is no document root folder on the device.
Here, Please tap "Yes" button. CEHTTP create document root folder and "index.html" file.

If CEHTTP is gracefully executed, it becomes the above screens. (In the case of HPC/Pro/2000)

"IP Address" is IP address which CEHTTP recognized.
If the device is not connect to the network, or cannot obtain the address from DHCP server, CEHTTP cannot be accessed from other PC's. Please check your network settings and restart CEHTTP again.

"Status" is present situation.
If displayed as "Listen...", CEHTTP started normally.
When displayed as "Listen failed.", it is in the state where starting server has failed.

Tapping task tray icon, CEHTTP window will be un-displayed. Tapping again, window will be displayed.

For the test, access with your PC's browser to CEHTTP server. If 'IP address' is "", HTTP address is as follows.

If you can see the message "Can you see me?" on your browser, installation is success and completion.


httpdWeb ServerServerOpen Source

License Open Source
The program is open source, free and the source code is available on-line.
Website http://urana.info/mobile/
Not working? Try this website on the WayBack Machine
We believe this app can be obtained directly from its developer!
Popularity 229
Total Downloads  321
Submitted By C:Amie
Submitted On 05 January 2013


torch 11 December 2022 at 3:45:42 PM
Added compiled x86 version. Please test and give us feedback in the comments

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