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PocketSNES 1.12.200

Windows CE 5.0 MIPS port of Pocket SNES
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Windows CE 5.0 port of Pocket SNES

PocketSNES 1.12.200 for NetForce (S43) Beta 2 Release

This release is PocketSNES 1.12.200 Beta2 ported for Digital Cube Netforce.
(Not tested on other WinCE 5.0 / MIPS devices)
Please note that I cannot be held responsible for any problems arising from the installation and use of this program.
Distribution of this program is free, but the source must be identified and the original compressed form must be maintained.
Also, you may not distribute or use it for commercial purposes.

0. Changed
- Added Pause function - Added a function to pause the game when you click the screen during the game.
You can save/load while stopped. Tap the screen again to continue.
- Changed to preferentially search the folder where PocketSNES is installed during Load Rom.
- Optimized for screen output. (You can play with better sound quality.)

1. SNES for WinCE based on SNES9x version 1.39
PocketSNES is based on SNEX9x version 1.39.
The file that runs is SMC, FLI, or ZIP compressed with SMC/FLI.
(NES files are not supported)
Please refer to #4 for compatible ROMs that I have tested.
Drive speed is based on full screen
It's a bit slow at 60 frames per second with frame skip 0. (recommended for sophisticated games)
With frame skip 1, it's slightly faster at 30 frames per second. (Recommended for thrilling games)

2. Install and run
1. Create a folder in the device and copy the contents of the compressed file.
(Example: \PocketSNES)

2. Copy the desired ROM file to the device and run PocketSNES.exe.
(Example: \PocketSNES\roms)

3. Change the settings in Options to the desired shape. (Refer to setting method No. 3)

4. Select Open ROM from the Tools menu and select Game ROM.
At the same time, the corresponding game is launched.

5. If you want to end the ROM execution, press the S2 button or the ESC key.
For NatForce (S43), press the second button under the jog.

3. How to set
Note: Do not use the Esc key or S2 button as it is set to end ROM execution.

3-1. Display Option Description
Orientation - The screen's output orientation is currently fixed horizontally.
Transparency Effect - Whether to support transparency effect.
Auto Frame Skip - Whether to support automatic frame skipping.
Frame Skip - Set the number of frames to skip (default is 0, 0~1 is recommended, valid value is 0 or more)

3-2. Sound Option Description
Sound Emulating - Turns the sound on and off.
Sync Sound - Sync the sound
Enable Echo - Select whether to use the echo function.
Stereo - Select whether to use stereo
Reverse Stereo - Select whether to use the stereo reversed left and right
Audio Quality - Select 8/16 Bit quality.
Rate - Low/High The lower the frequency, the faster the speed.

3-3. System Option Description
Show FrameRate - Displays the number of frames per second in the lower left corner of the screen. More than 30 frames is a comfortable state.
Cycles - Affects the running speed of the emulator. (default 100, 100 recommended, effective value about 50~150)

3-4. Buttons Option Description
Note: Do not use the Esc key or S2 button as it is set to end ROM execution.
Note: If you set a function key such as DMB/Internet, the original function is executed.
(Since it is an OS built-in function, the function of the corresponding button cannot be stopped)
B/A/Y/X buttons
Start/Select button
L/R button

4. List of games tested
Almost all SMC files will work. I haven't personally checked
It is unknown whether the file is running or not.
Please note only. The standard is SNES9X version 1.39.
If you send the file name of the ROM that is running and the ROM that is not running by e-mail,
It will be reflected in the list below in the future.
(Screenshot: http://blog.naver.com/copjoker/120040697375 )

4-1. games that run
Aero Fighters (US).zip
Akumajo Dracula XX (J).zip
Nosferatu (U).smc
Odekake Lester Lelele no Le (J).smc
Pirates of Dark Water (E).smc
Pocky & Rocky 2 (E).smc
Power Piggs of the Dark Age (E) [!].smc
Prehistorik Man (E).smc
Putty Squad (E).smc
R-Type 3 (US).zip
Robocop VS The Terminator (E).smc
Sky Blazer (E).smc
Spider-Man - Maximum Carnage (E) [b1].smc
Street Fighter Alpha 2 (US).zip
Super Bomberman 5 (J).zip
Super Dany (F).smc
Super Donkey Kong 3 (V1.1) (J).smc
Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts (E).smc
Super Mario All Stars & World (US).zip
Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World (E) [!].smc
Super Star Wars - Empire Strikes Back (V1.1) (U).smc
Super Troll Islands (U).smc
Super Fang (E).zip
Arkanoids (US).zip
Puzzle Bobble (E).zip

4-2. Games that work but cannot be played
Super Mario Kart - Broken road display when splitting the racing screen
Raiden Trad - Only the logo screen is displayed. No game screen output.

5. Others
Please send bug reports to the email address below.
Sound quality is not good. Also, there are some sync errors.
Please understand that we cannot provide supplementary explanations for the explanations already in this document.
In addition, we will refrain from inquiries about game roms.

[Source] PocketSNES 1.12.200 RC2 for Netforce Distribution| Author Stone of Life



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Released 24 September 2022
Language Support Afrikaans
Popularity 2962
Total Downloads  0
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 24 September 2022


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