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BibleInPocket Books


Application Name BibleInPocket Books
License Type Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
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A reader application that shows the modern english translation of the Holy Bible

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Screenshot of Main program screen
Description This is a reader application that shows the modern english translation of the Holy Bible, based on the American Standard Version of the Holy Bible, the Biblia Hebraica Stutgartensa Old Testament first published in 1901 and the Greek Majority Text New Testament. Some special features of BibleInPocket are: Simple and user friendly. All operations are performed on the main screen i.e., no more switching between menus and screens. Read the BibleInPocket chapter wise, no need to download the entire BibleInPocket. How do I switch chapters while reading? You can switch the chapters by tapping on the Horizontal scroll buttons on the top of the form. How do I use the ‘Find Next’ feature? You can start any search from the Main screen or the Chapter screen. When you type in a new string to search, search starts from the first chapter of the first book. When you tap on the ‘Find Next’ button after you have been presented with the first search result, the search starts from the current chapter forward till the last chapter of the last book.
Installation Instructions The 5 books of Moses - the Law - Genesis - Exodus - Leviticus - Numbers - Deuteronomy law1110.exe - Handheld SH3 law1120.exe - Handheld MIPS law1210.exe - Palmtop SH3 law1220.exe - Palmtop MIPS law1310.exe - Handheld Pro SH3 law1320.exe - Handheld Pro MIPS law1330.exe - Handheld Pro SH4 law1340.exe - Handheld Pro ARM History - Joshua - Judges - Ruth - Samuel 1 - Samuel 2 - Kings 1 - Kings 2 - Chronicles 1 - Chronicles 2 - Ezra - Nehemiah - Esther history1110.exe - Handheld SH3 history1120.exe - Handheld MIPS history1210.exe - Palmtop SH3 history1220.exe - Palmtop MIPS history1310.exe - Handheld Pro SH3 history1320.exe - Handheld Pro MIPS history1330.exe - Handheld Pro SH4 history1340.exe - Handheld Pro ARM Wisdom Literature - Job - Psalms - Proverbs - Ecclesiastes - Song of Songs wisdom1110.exe - Handheld SH3 wisdom1120.exe - Handheld MIPS wisdom1210.exe - Palmtop SH3 wisdom1220.exe - Palmtop MIPS wisdom1310.exe - Handheld Pro SH3 wisdom1320.exe - Handheld Pro MIPS wisdom1330.exe - Handheld Pro SH4 wisdom1340.exe - Handheld Pro ARM The Prophets - Isaiah - Jeremiah - Lamentations - Ezekiel - Daniel - Hosea - Joel - Amos - Obadiah - Jonah - Micah - Nahum - Habakkuk - Zephaniah - Haggai - Zechariah - Malachi prophets1110.exe - Handheld SH3 prophets1120.exe - Handheld MIPS prophets1210.exe - Palmtop SH3 prophets1220.exe - Palmtop MIPS prophets1310.exe - Handheld Pro SH3 prophets1320.exe - Handheld Pro MIPS prophets1330.exe - Handheld Pro SH4 prophets1340.exe - Handheld Pro ARM The Life of Jesus and the Early Church - Matthew - Mark - Luke - John - Acts jesus1110.exe - Handheld SH3 jesus1120.exe - Handheld MIPS jesus1210.exe - Palmtop SH3 jesus1220.exe - Palmtop MIPS jesus1310.exe - Handheld Pro SH3 jesus1320.exe - Handheld Pro MIPS jesus1330.exe - Handheld Pro SH4 jesus1340.exe - Handheld Pro ARM Letters from the Apostle Paul - Romans - 1 Corinthians - 2 Corinthians - Galatians - Ephesians - Philippians - Colossians - 1 Thessalonians - 2 Thessalonians - 1 Timothy - 2 Timothy - Titus - Philemon paul1110.exe - Handheld SH3 paul1120.exe - Handheld MIPS paul1210.exe - Palmtop SH3 paul1220.exe - Palmtop MIPS paul1310.exe - Handheld Pro SH3 paul1320.exe - Handheld Pro MIPS paul1330.exe - Handheld Pro SH4 paul1340.exe - Handheld Pro ARM General Letters from Apostles and Prophets - Hebrews - James - 1 Peter - 2 Peter - 1 John - 2 John - 3 John - Jude apostle1110.exe - Handheld SH3 apostle1120.exe - Handheld MIPS apostle1210.exe - Palmtop SH3 apostle1220.exe - Palmtop MIPS apostle1310.exe - Handheld Pro SH3 apostle1320.exe - Handheld Pro MIPS apostle1330.exe - Handheld Pro SH4 apostle1340.exe - Handheld Pro ARM Prophecy - messages from God for the present and the future - Revelation prophecy1110.exe - Handheld SH3 prophecy1120.exe - Handheld MIPS prophecy1210.exe - Palmtop SH3 prophecy1220.exe - Palmtop MIPS prophecy1310.exe - Handheld Pro SH3 prophecy1320.exe - Handheld Pro MIPS prophecy1330.exe - Handheld Pro SH4 prophecy1340.exe - Handheld Pro ARM
Tags reader, Bible
Popularity 181
Total Downloads 402
Submitted By C:Amie
Submitted On 06 January 2013


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