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reiWPC 0.10

Desktop Wallpaper Changer for Pocket Post Pet
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-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
Desktop Wallpaper Changer for Pocket Post Pet
reiWPC Version 0.10
Copyright (c) 2002 matsumo. All rights reserved.
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------

Simple (low functionality?) wallpaper changer for CE-enabled Poppet Postpet (hereinafter referred to as Popope)
On regular CE machines other than Popope, you can change the wallpaper from "Screen Properties"
So I won't use it.

·How to use
-Part 1-
Start reiWPC.exe, select the *.BMP or *.2BP file, and press the OK button to create a wall.
The paper will be changed.

-Part 2-
*.BMP and *.2BP files using Small Tweak etc. published by Tillanosoft.
and reiWPC.exe.
When you double-tap a *.BMP or *.2BP file from Explorer etc., reiWPC.exe appears.
Launch it and press the OK button to change the wallpaper.

-Part 3-
Qta added reiWPC.exe to the external editor of GQ, an image viewer published by Qta.
Once specified, you can set the image selected in GQ as your wallpaper.

*Note (or rather, it is a specification)
- Even if you press the OK button and change the wallpaper, the wallpaper will not change immediately.
Changes will be reflected once the power is turned OFF and then ON.
·If you press the OK button without selecting anything as wallpaper, no wallpaper will be selected.
·When changing the wallpaper, the registry settings will be changed, so please make a backup just in case.
Don't forget!!

?Update history
2002/04/08 Version 0.10 released
First edition

?Contact information etc.
The latest version of the program is available below.

For bug reports and other communications, please email us at the address below.

System Requirements

?Operating environment
I think it will work if Windows CE 2.0 or later and the CPU is MIPS type.
Operation has been confirmed only with Popope. May not work on other models
yeah. Compile with eMbedded Visual C++ 3.0 Japanese version and Windows CE Platform
I am using SDK (HPC Pro) Japanese version.

Installation Instructions

?Contents of the archive
reiWPC.txt: This is the file you are currently reading.
reiWPC.exe: Executable file
(Source files are provided in a separate archive)

?How to use
Please put reiWPC.exe into an appropriate folder. MMC is OK, but small apps
I don't think it will get in the way even if you put it in the main body RAM.
tGetFile.dll is used when selecting a wallpaper file, so be sure to install it.

Since the registry and ini files are not used at all, just delete reiWPC.exe.



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Website http://e550.hp.infoseek.co.jp/
This link is no longer available on the World Wide Web and will attempt to load via the WayBack Machine
Released 08 April 2002
Popularity 2947
Total Downloads  0
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 30 September 2022


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