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ZERO Go Text Editor 1.09

“ZERO Go Text Editor” is a text editor that runs on Windows CE.
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Screenshot of It is possible to associate the ? No. text editor with the extension!
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“ZERO Go Text Editor” is a text editor that runs on Windows CE.

It looks like Windows Notepad customized for Windows CE, so if you are familiar with Notepad, you should be able to use it immediately.

In addition, it is the only free Japanese text editor that runs on Windows CE that implements a keyboard macro function.

Installation Instructions

Free version No. 0 text editor can be used free of charge within the scope of the terms of use.
There are two types of distributions: "standard distribution" and "executable only".
The "standard distribution" has an installer to unzip the downloaded file on his mothership PC and install it on his WinCE device via ActiveSync.
"Executable file only" is a single exe file that can be downloaded.
From the table below, click or in the [CPU] column of [OS/Model] that matches your device. Download will start.
The archives of the standard distribution are zipped, so use a suitable decompression software to unzip the distribution.
As a reference for installation, we have prepared a page explaining how to install and a page for troubleshooting. Please help us.
[Important] After installing the shareware version, you will be prompted to enter a license key when starting up. Please note that the software cannot be used until the registration of the license key is completed.
The license key can be purchased from Vector Inc. as a 3-pack of No.0.

You can use ? No. text editor unconditionally for 30 days after the first launch.

After 30 days, the message "Please cooperate with the questionnaire for software quality improvement" will be displayed very infrequently. If you register , this message will not appear.

Keywords will be displayed on the spot when you answer the questionnaire. (Keywords are issued free of charge.)

The development of free software consists of the give and take of the creator and the user, so please cooperate with us for future development. We look forward to receiving your opinions and requests.

Supported OS Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0/6.1
PocketPC 2003SE/2003/2002, Pocket PC, Sigmarion III, Handheld PC 2000, H/PC Pro
Operation confirmed models dopod(s1), W-ZERO3(SHARP), V36(ViewSonic), iPAQ 1920(hp), Sigmarion ?(NTT DoCoMo), Sigmarion ?(NTT DoCoMo)
Memory size 140KB for Windows folder of WinCE device, about 300KB for editor installation folder
Operating environment Requires MFC runtime library for operation.
Most models have the MFC runtime library in the ROM, so there is no need to obtain it separately.
Precautions for use

The maximum size of text that can be edited is 64 kilobytes. However, this is a story when the text is converted to Unicode, and with Shift JIS text, it seems that even a little larger text can be edited (for example, in the case of a file written entirely in half-width characters, the limit size is still 64 kilobytes, but for files written entirely in double-byte characters, the limit size is 128 kilobytes).
Do not perform operations such as key input or tapping the screen while executing the macro. For example, if the SHIFT key is held down while the macro is running, the command "TYPE RIGHT" will select characters instead of moving the cursor.
On Handheld PC devices, you can open the same file with multiple text editors, so be careful not to overwrite your edits with other editors when saving.


Text EditorNotepadmacrojapanese

License Donorware
It's free, but the author actively seeks donations.
Website http://www.fermes-soft.com/index.htm
Not working? Try this website on the WayBack Machine
We believe this app can be obtained directly from its developer!
Popularity 1975
Total Downloads  6
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 14 October 2022


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