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Pocket C Bible

Read the Bible on your Handheld. PocketC Runtime
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I wrote this program to have the Bible available on the road. With limited storage capabilities, I wanted to have the most functionality with the least space consumption. From the space standpoint, it was difficult - the Bible is BIG!

That is why I choose Pocket Word as a reader. It is already on everyones handheld and it has good flexibility - zoom, search and you can open several books at once. The books of the bible are in text format, not Pocket Word. This is for space.

To save more space I stored the books of the Bible in 2 zip files - Old and new testaments. This will allow you to unzip only those books that you are using. This saves about 3 mgs of storage space. If you don't have it, get Pocket Unzip for your handheld. (Its available all over the web.)

PocketC Bible will check to see if the book you want has been extracted from the archive. If so, it will open the book in Pocket Word. If not, it will prompt you to open the archive. Then you can extract the book and open it.

You also need at least the runtime version of PocketC (1.29+).

Please test drive it and let me know.



The bible texts were created from the etext versions of the KJV Bible. Please read the etext files (extext_intro.txt & extext_license.htm) for more details.

Installation Instructions

Requires PocketC runtime
I have not created an install, just copy the contents to a directory on your unit. The path doesn't matter, but the program needs to have the directories "ot" (old testaments) and "nt" (new testaments) on your installed directory. Copy "otbooks.zip" into the "ot" directory and "ntbooks.zip" into the "nt" directory. If you don't have Pocket Unzip installed on your handheld, unzip the books you want in their respective directories.



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Popularity 2571
Total Downloads  1
Submitted By thenzero
Submitted On 25 November 2022


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