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Neko ProjectII (PC-98 Emulator) 0.80

by NP2
PC-98 Emulator for Windows CE
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Neko Project II
NP2 developer team, 1999-2001,2003,2004


Based on the PC-9801VX21, the main functions of the PC-9801 series can be
This is an emulator to reproduce.

Neko Project II reproduces his PC-9801 series standard hardware and
Only some BIOS and C bus devices.
For this reason, MS-DOS etc. will work, but those that use ROM such as N88-BASIC and LIO
Doesn't work as standard. In order to operate these, it is necessary to acquire ROM from the actual machine.
I have.

·Recommended operating environment

ARM 206Mhz or higher
WinCE 2.11 or higher
10MB or more of free memory

PocketPC and Sigmarion3 require gx.dll.
(Already installed in PocketPC2002 from the beginning)

·how to use

He needs a floppy image to use Neko Project II.
Please make an image based on the information on the web.

After that, start the binary that matches the model of np2hpc/np2ppc/np2sig3.

To start the floppy-based software, select
After selecting [FDD1 - Open], [FDD2 - Open] and inserting the disk image
Please reset.

To use the hard disk From [Emulate - Newdisk], select the hard disk
After creating the image, open the image file from [HardDisk - SASI-1 - Open]
After selecting, please reset.
The usage information of the hard disk image is memorized, so the image file
This operation is not necessary unless you want to change it.

CPU is 80286 (real mode only).
Please note that protected mode cannot be handled when building an environment.
Also, with DIP SW3-8 OFF, he moves like a V30.
CPU speed can be changed in Configure.

After executing and changing the settings, an np2.cfg file will be created.


Reset Hardware reset.
Open the Configure settings.
Exit Exit Neko Project II.

Open Select the disk image of drive 1.
Eject Take out the disk image of drive 1.

Open Select the disk image of drive 2.
Take out the disk image of eject drive 2.

Hard Disk
Select the Open SASI-1 hard disk image.
Remove SASI-1 to the non-connected state.
Select the Open SASI-2 hard disk image.
Remove SASI-2 to the unconnected state.

Disp Vsync drawing timing (when Vsync is checked)
Real Palettes palette update timing (check for each raster)
No Wait No timing is taken.
Auto frame Automatically determines the display timing.
Full frame Displays all frames.
Draw once every 2 times in 1/2 frame.
1/3 frame It draws once every three times.
1/4 frame It draws once every 4 times.
Screen option Open the screen settings.

Keyboard Handles the numeric keypad as a keyboard.
JoyKey-1 Assign the numeric keypad to joystick 1.
JoyKey-2 Assign numeric keypad to joystick 2.
MouseKey Assign the numeric keypad to the mouse.
Machine SHIFT Note-style mechanical shift.
mechanical CTRL Use note-like mechanical control.
Meanical GRPH Use a notebook-like mechanical graph key.
Beep off Mutes the beep.
Beep low Decrease the beep volume.
Beep mid Set the beep volume to medium.
Beep high Increase the beep volume.
Disable boards Do not use the FM tone generator board.
Use the PC-9801-14 music generator board.
Use the PC-9801-26K PC-9801-26K board.
PC-9801-86 Uses the PC-9801-86 board.
Use PC-9801-26K + 86 PC-9801-26K and 86 board.
Use PC-9801-86 + Chibi-oto PC-9801-86 board and Chibi-oto.
Use the PC-9801-118 PC-9801-118 board.
Use the Speak board.
Spark board Use the spark board.
AMD-98 AMD-98 is used.
Seek Sound Disc seek timing is taken.
Uses 640KB memory only for main memory.
Uses 1.6MB main memory and 1MB extended memory.
Uses 3.6MB main memory and 3MB extended memory.
Uses 7.6MB main memory and 7MB extended memory.
Mouse Switch the mouse operation.
MIDI panic MIDI is muted.

·Setting dialog

Base Clock Specifies the base clock of the CPU.
Specify the clock ratio of Multiple CPUs.
It is an NEC specification equipped with a CPU before PC-9801VM V30.
The PC-9801VX is an NEC specification equipped with i286 or later CPU.
It will be a PC-286 EPSON compatible machine specification.
Sampling Rate Specifies the output frequency of the sound.
Buffer Specifies the buffer size of the sound.
Resume Use resume function.

Screen option
LCD It becomes the liquid crystal mode of the PC-98 notebook.
Reverse the LCD display.
Use skipline rev Correct the skip line.
Ratio Specifies the brightness of the skip line.
GDC Specify the GDC chip.
Specify the GRCG GRCG chip.
Enable 16color Enable analog 16 colors.
Specify the T-RAM text RAM access wait value.
V-RAM Specifies the video RAM access wait value.
GRCG Specifies the access wait value when using GRCG.
RealPalettes Adjust Adjust the timing for RealPalettes.

·Disk image

Corresponds to the image below.
FDD - D88 format, XDF (solid image) format
SASI - THD format (T98), HDI format (Anex86)

·Key settings
In the same folder as bios.rom (it differs depending on the model, so this way of writing...)
Create a text file with the name key.txt and fill in the key settings.

[keyname] = [key1] (key2) (key3)
[keyname] [TAB] [key1] (key2) (key3)
userkey[1-2] = [key1] (key2) (key3) ... (key15)
Full key 0-9 A-Z - ^ \ @ [ ] ; : , . / _
Funk F1-F10 VF1-VF5
Numeric keypad [0] to [9] [-] [/] [*] [+] [=] [,] [.]


It is possible to simultaneously press 3 normal keys and 15 userkeys.
[=] The key is separated by =, so separate it with TAB or use [EQU].

----------------------- key.txt

W = UP (Try using the diamond key as the cursor...)
[7] = [4] [8]
[9] = [6] [8]
[1] = [4] [2]
[3] = [6] [2]
userkey1 = CTRL XFER (CTRL+XFER FEP switching)
userkey2 = D O A Z (Press D+O+A+Z simultaneously)


Since there are many points in common with the Windows version, please also see the Windows version help.

Email: np2@yui.ne.jp
Webpage: http://www.yui.ne.jp/np2/



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Website https://www.yui.ne.jp/
Not working? Try this website on the WayBack Machine
Popularity 2180
Total Downloads  3
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 28 November 2022


paulfiction 28 November 2022 at 3:11:11 PM
Any one try this? Or have any info in english?
torch 28 November 2022 at 8:12:13 PM
I haven't tried it but I used Google Translate for the readme for this version and the newest version: 0.81a
torch 28 November 2022 at 8:12:32 PM
(So both have a full description now)
paulfiction 29 November 2022 at 9:02:00 PM
Thanks, Works and Ive try a couple of games, its nice to see japan games in jornada, its a pity about the screen size, so small and its dificult to read something !!
torch 29 November 2022 at 9:15:55 PM
Did you try the hpc and sig3 versions to see which displays better?
And do the other versions I added do the same thing?
paulfiction 30 November 2022 at 9:16:14 AM
The sig3 works with gapi emu, but both exe files are in japanese characters.

torch 02 December 2022 at 6:34:32 AM
I found a site how-to for it but in Japanese

and this thread here: https://www.hpcfactor.com/forums/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=18952&am...
obviously won't help the screen issues on Jornada though, sorry!

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